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4 Must See Attractions For Those Taking Flights to Seattle

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-08-21
Seattle is a beautiful place with many cafe's and restaurants. The weather is usually rainy and when the sun comes out people take the opportunity to take out their bicycles and ride down the roads. The city is a very lively and busy place. There are many museums and galleries which are beautiful. There are many bars and clubs where people like to spend their time. The city is fun and has many exciting attractions. Those who get cheap flights to Seattle surely visit all the places and attractions and enjoy themselves. The four must see places here are as follows: 1. Experience Music Project The Experience Music Project is a well built building which was constructed by Frank Gehry. Frank Gehry was inspired by the Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen who had a passion for Jimmy Hendrix's music and wanted to build the building in honor of him. It now has 80,000 music artifacts and many handwritten lyrics by Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. Also, there is a Fender Stratocaster that was demolished by Jimmy Hendrix. Jimmy's signed contract with Woodstock is also on display. Janis Joplin's pink feather boa is also exhibited along with the world's first steel guitar. Those who get Flights to Seattle surely visit this place. 2. Green Lake Park One of the most famous places in the city of Seattle where one can relax and enjoy nature is the Green Lake Park. The lake is created by a glacier. There are two pathways in the park that allow many joggers and walkers along with cyclists to have enough space to use. Also, the lake has a soccer field along with a basketball and tennis court. The authorities offer boats and bikes on rent that people can use. Those who get Seattle Flights must visit this park and enjoy themselves. There are two swimming beaches. People can enjoy swimming at the lake. 3. Seattle Art Museum The building is built of limestone and ornamented terra-cotta and has a space of 150,000 sq ft. The architect Brad Cloepfil's design helped expand the museum in 2007. There are many paintings and displays in the museum. Above the ticket counter there is a work on display by the Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiangs. Also, there are many works by Andy Warhol along with a painting of Elvis and a sculpture by a Korean artist Do-Ho Suh. Moreover, there exist many paintings by the Renaissance painter Jacob Lawrence. Those who get Cheap Flights to Seattle must not miss the Seattle Art Museum. 4. Pioneer Square Park The Pioneer Square Park is a place where the first industry was built in the conurbation by the famous Henry Yesler. The park has a bust of the Chief Seattle. It also has an ornate pergola and a totem pole. The park is a historic one especially with the pole and the totem that is on display. Those who get Flights to Seattle make sure to go to this park and learn more about the place and its history. The park is a nice place with many trees and the people enjoy visiting the park.
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