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A Quick Overview of Floral Display Fixtures

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-08-19
When it comes to selling flowers and floral arrangements, the floral display fixtures you choose are critically important. Not only are there many sizes and shapes to choose from, but there are many accessories for your storefront and inside your shop as well, including mobile display units, shelves, tiered displays, and display tables. So which ones will work for your needs? Here's an overview of some of what's available so you can choose the floral displays that are right for you. Bouquet Sleeves and Floral Display Stand This display is more compact, so it fits perfectly in smaller spaces, such as right by your cash register. In fact, it's a great way to boost impulse purchases among your customers. The sleeves have a durable, no-drip bottom seal, so your floors don't get wet, and the actual floral display fixture features a clip to hold signage. Mobile Floral Displays Another great option for floral displays is a mobile display unit. Not only do these come with everything you need - including a sign - but they're also equipped with two back wheels for easy rolling. This offers you plenty of merchandising flexibility. Tiered Triangular Floral Display Tables A more substantial selection for your floral displays is tiered triangular table, which can be used alone in a corner, combined with another triangular table for a wall fixture, or you can put four together to create a tiered shop-around table. Not only do these look sharp, but they also offer plenty of space to display your flowers and arrangements. Recycled Plastic Tiered Floral Display Tables & Shelves If you're looking to go green with your floral displays, you can also purchase display tables made from recycled plastic. Not only are they manufactured from 100% postindustrial recycled plastic, but they're easy to put together and are space savers. Folding Step Bench Floral Displays Another charming option for your floral displays is a folding step bench. Not only can these be set up in minutes, but they can also be used both indoors and outdoors, so you're certain to get plenty of use out of them. In addition, filler shelves are also available to help you best use the space in the back of the bench. To shop for floral display fixtures, go to http://www.retailresource.com. We offer a wide selection of floral displays for your storefront and inside you store, including point-ofpurchase display stands, mobile units, tiered triangular tables, and folding step benches. We invite you to browse through our website and see for yourself!
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