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Appreciating Your Features

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-08-14
Sometimes I think that it is amazing how we all look so different from each other when we all have the same basic components on our faces, namely one mouth, one nose and two eyes! The ways that these are arranged are also the same and there are only so many different types of each feature which can exist too. Yet even members of the same family, who share the same genes and blood, can differ so much in looks as well as temperament. Next week I have to attend a wedding in the neighbourhood and the bride is some one who I know only distantly. The first time I was introduced to this girl and her sister, I could not believe that they were related. The younger sister was a true beauty with classic features, milky white skin and lovely eyes. She had gotten married at a young age and it was now the turn of the elder sister to get married. The elder sister is dark skinned and her features just do not add up to look very attractive and this has affected her personality and life too. We need to be able to appreciate the fact that we at least have all our features intact as there are those poor unfortunates who are born with things like cleft lips and other disfigurements. Whether we have a large nose or an aquiline one, whether our eyes are doe-like or sunken in, and whether our lips are thin or like a rosebud, we need to make the most of our features and appreciate the bad with the good. Beauty is something which we expect in our partners and something which we all aspire to, but where we go wrong is to fall in with the idea that there is only one kind of beauty. One of my friends is very dark skinned and she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, since her features and her confidence stand out and make her very attractive. Sometimes we are not satisfied with what we have and decide to resort to other measures to try and make changes in the way we look. This can sometimes be achieved with make up and clothing but at other times we resort to cosmetic surgery and procedures which will enhance our features. These can be as complete as a facelift or even other smaller procedures. Some of the procedures which are used to help us to feel better about our looks come in the area of aesthetic medicine which is not surgical as opposed to cosmetic surgery. One of the most popular procedures in this field is the use of Botox and fillers. This is where chemicals are injected in the skin, usually on the mouth and forehead, to plump up the skin and give it a smoother, fuller look. This gives the illusion of a younger looking face because the lines and wrinkles are smoothed away temporarily.
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