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BT club display cabinet for cosmetic store


Location: Shenglong squre ,Xian,Shanxi province,China

Product Name: cosmetic display cabinet

Basic information

The makeup display cabinet is used to display makeup, perfume, lipstick, skin care product in cosmetic shop, makeup kiosk in shopping mall. The display shelf is made by wooden(MDF), acrylic, hardware, LED lights, mirror ,etc. If you need, we can make the cosmetic store shelf by any size, any color to fit your project. Wholesales and customized service is available.

Island Cabinet/Store Counter Overall Schedule 

floor light box display cabinet      1150*150*2600mm   1set

perfume display cabinet           1800*350*2600mm   1set

floor light box with door display stand 750*150*2600mm    1set

1.2m skin care backside cabinet      1200*350*2600mm   1set

floor light box display stand      450*100*2600mm    1set

comprehensive display cabinet       2600*350*3300mm   1set with curve light stripes

floor light box display cabinet      1350*150*2600mm   1set

1.8m makeup display cabinet         1800*450*2600mm    1set

1.38m floor try makeup mirror       1383*150*2600mm   1set

1.3m makeup display cabinet        1300*450*2600mm    1set

makeup display image wall          1600*450*2600mm   1set

cashier                      2200*540*1000mm   1set

rest area                    1set          (table 1piece,chair 3pieces)

double side try out table         1800*600*1400+4001set including hanging decoration model 

middle island display stand B                       1800*650*1370mm       1set

middle island display stand A      1800*650*1400mm    1set

middle island display stand C                    1set

facial mask display case          1600*1600*1400    1set

art ceiling light                            1set



Place of Origin:Guangdong,China

Trade Term:FOB, EXW, CIF

Start port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen

Payment Terms:T/T, Western Union

Delivery Time:20-40 working days



(1) We have design and manufacture many kinds of display cabinet, stand, counter and showcase, such as cosmetic display cabinet, cell phone display cabinet, jewelry showcase for malls and shop, the design is fancy and attractive.

(2) As a professional manufacturer of wooden display cabinet showcase, all our products are new design and made, which will be suit for the shop of the customers. The color will have some contact with the products you sale and your shop.

(3) The materials are MDF, glass, acrylic, Formica are of high quality ,9mm,18mm MDF wood are used ,the thickness of the glass is 10mm,the acrylic can make your logo attractive and unique.

 (4) Our price is competitive, as a manufacturer we have advantages over price. 

Established in 2001,Guangzhou Mege display products Co.,ltd( Also Meijia Display Co.,ltd) is a factory with 160 workers and an area of more than 20000 m²

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