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Can acrylic light boxes be installed in cosmetic display cabinets?

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-22
Characteristics of acrylic light box for cosmetic display cabinet among many types of light box products, acrylic light box is one of the superior light boxes, which has the following characteristics: 1. As we all know, acrylic light box for cosmetic display cabinet is a light box body made of acrylic plate. Acrylic plate itself is a superior raw material. Therefore, the light box made of acrylic plate has excellent weather resistance, is suitable for use in various climatic environments, can resist wind, sun and rain, and still maintains the initial performance of the town after long-term use. 2. Acrylic plate is a colorless and transparent plexiglass material with a light transmission degree of more than 92%. Therefore, the light box made of acrylic plate has strong transparency, the display effect of cosmetic display cabinet is very good. 3. Acrylic plate belongs to the type of environmental protection plate. Therefore, the light box made by cosmetic display counter has excellent environmental protection performance, and it will not release toxic gas when burning, long-term contact with the human body will not affect the health of the human body. 4. Acrylic light box of cosmetic display counter has good processing performance. When we reprocess it, we can use mechanical processing or thermal processing, if there is a need to decorate its surface, we can also use silk screen printing, spraying and vacuum coating to treat its surface. 5, cosmetics showcase acrylic light box has excellent comprehensive performance, acrylic light box a wide range of products, and their color is very rich, can meet the consumption needs of consumers.

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