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Characteristics of Mezzanine Floors

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-08-08
Mezzanine floors are highly adaptable and flexible methods of increasing your available working space in instances where you have reasonable headroom in your premises. A fairly typical ceiling is set at around 2400mm or 8' in old money, so if we presume a Mezzanine flooring structure above this 'comfortable' height with an overall structural depth of around 300-400mm and a similar degree of headroom as that below the new floor above, we see that a new storey can be created in an area with as little as 5200mm or around 18' of internal vertical space! Since the new structure is supported by small steel columns as opposed to walls formed out of Brick or Blockwork, the impact upon your ground floor can be minimised in terms of both disruption and 'lost' space - Mezzanines can be designed to allow the supporting structure to fit in with your shop floor layout, so machinery can be accommodated as can shelving/racking layouts or even enclosure walls (offices, W/C's, etc.) and retail display products. Whilst it is true that a lightweight Mezzanine Floor is designed using small steel sections in order to keep costs low, it cannot be said that this type of structure is limited in its use. Throughout the UK there are floors of this type in retail stores, factories, office blocks and self-storage centres, amongst others. At the moment, SUPER LARGE DISTRIBUTION CENTRES are springing up nationwide and very large, high capacity Mezzanine flooring is introduced within these premises as a matter of course. Typically, this type of operation demands multi-tier, heavy duty, large span Mezzanines and a 3 tier floor in excess of 60 metres in length, 30 metres in width and having a capacity of 1T per square metre (uniformly distributed) is not unusual! Although the structures described above are 'industrial' in nature, they can in fact be dressed in order that they can blend seamlessly into more attractive environments. For example, in a proposed office environment, the support columns can be incorporated within the walls of the offices simply by designing the partitioned enclosures around the column layout, or alternatively, the columns can be clad in a decorative material and a feature can be made of them - as they are fixed to the floor and therefore highly stable, services like power points can be fixed to them easily, making them useful in open plan environments. Floorcoverings can be laid upon the decking and attractive handrailing and staircases can be provided in order that although these elements do an important job, their utilitarian nature can be disguised and a feature can be made of them, thus allowing retail and high end office environments - for example, to further convey their quality through the judicious use of modern materials, styles or colours. Decorative ceilings can be fixed below the Mezzanine and the use of modern lighting and introduction of air conditioning systems within the void between ceiling and floor can further enhance the structure whilst all of the time, the space above continues to provide the occupier of the premises with invaluable extra capacity - to be used for whatever purposes the wish!
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