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Common sense of exhibition cabinet design

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-19

More and more large enterprise display cabinet exhibitions are a good place to hold public relations activities. For example, in addition to the exhibition itself, the jewelry display cabinet is also held at the same time. During the exhibition period, there are numerous conferences, seminars, dramas or entertainment exhibitions with large and concentrated audiences, events and simultaneous exhibitions, it will affect other activities and can save expenses. On the other hand, the construction of the showroom puts forward new requirements. In the end, the attitude of the company's participation also depends on whether it is economically cost-effective. The guaranteed result is also a good economic account. Jewelry displays information about the use of new reuse booths and seriously discusses the planning scheme to reduce unnecessary expenses. In short, the enterprise, of course, less charge more money is the best effect. However, this is easy and difficult to do. Need to stand on the design and construction of more imagination, creativity and flexibility. Some of the target audience lost interest. Anti-past empty shops will have a similar effect. This shows the number of stores where planners should also consider the number of employees and customers. Jewelry Display cabinets crowded storefront space efficiency is not a good storage area, is an important factor, as usual to the opposite sex small area spacious large area should be able to support the terrain detailed plan, make good use of the terrain features and plan a clever plane structure. Consider the use of practical Display ( Display Cabinet, cosmetic display counter, jewelry display cabinet, display cabinet design)Consider the pattern style. Pay more attention to planning keywords get more and more determination and praise from enterprises, almost no ability to have long-term mutual assistance. Don't plan easily and show the changes in the plan carefully. Jewelry Display cabinets, the thoughtful one-sided plan has been discussed and passed, do not change easily, especially in the later changes may delay construction and increase costs, even the budget that affects the opening ceremony is often contradictory. There may be a big gap between the budget and the source of the program planner must be the budget work that is difficult to accept in reality, in the budget planning company, we have always adhered to the principle of people-oriented, in order to establish effective air power, in good faith for the high quality of business philosophy, work in the social fair cost of the purpose. Visual Effect: 1 display cabinet display design should be simple and not complicated. Generally, only limited information can be accepted in an instant. The audience walking in a hurry, if the display cabinet can not get a clear message in an instant, will not be interested. In addition, the booth is also easy to reduce the efficiency of the booth staff. Exhibits, you want to choose furniture representatives, must have a choice, will have been discarded. Simple and clean is the best way to attract the audience. Photos, charts and text descriptions should be concise and clear. And the objectives and decorative designs displayed at the exhibition, regardless of their contents, should be reduced to a minimum. 2 Display Cabinet display design to highlight the Focus display should be the central focus. The focus of the display cabinet attracts attention. Display Cabinet focus should be selected on the display of the purpose, generally is a special product, new products, the most important product or value. Highlight the location, layout, lighting and highlights of other means 3 show the theme to be expressed by the display design, a clear message theme is the basic information and impression that the exhibitors hope to convey to the visitors, companies or products that usually participate in the exhibition. The distinctive theme of the display cabinet is, on the one hand, the centralized use of appropriate colors, graphics and layout, coordinated methods and unified impression on the other. 4 Display Display design should be eye-catching signs different, to attract more tourists will visit more easily identify to find the booth visitors will be deeply impressed, the memory will be moved. The design should be unique, but not the goal and corporate image of the exhibition. 5 from the perspective of the target audience, display design, display design, especially temples, palaces and banks, emphasizes eternity, authority and magnificence. However, in a highly competitive exhibition, the success or failure of the exhibition depends to a large extent on the audience's interest and response. The display design takes into account the account person, the main target audience, purpose, emotion, interest, viewpoint, reaction and other factors. From the perspective of the target audience, the design is easy to attract the attention of the target audience, sympathy, and left a deep impression on the target audience. 6 Space to be considered in display design display cabinet display designers should also consider the number of booth staff and visits. The efficiency of the crowded booth is not good, and the target audience loses interest. In turn, empty booths will have the same effect. Booth area is the main factor.

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