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Cooler Master launched accessories for MacBook Pro

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-08-06
Most of the MacBook Pro owners are proud because they know that whenever they will bring their MacBook out of the backpacks, the on-goers are bound to turn their heads on the beautiful piece of hardware. And, to provide that 'extra something' for setting off the look of this already stunning product, Cooler master has announced brand new additions to its line of mobile and versatile MacBook Pro stands with the ROC, L stand and JAS PRO. Thus, you can now display your MacBook Pro in a stylish way while working on a project, watching your favourite video, surfing the web or playing a game. The new released accessories for MacBook, developed using high-grade materials, are not just a complement to the MacBook but also to the iPad. The ROC is a simple, little accessory, which is perfect for use in any environment being a good companion for the MacBook Pro and the iPad. It allows you to bid farewell to clutter and reduce the footprint s of your Macbook Pro or iPad. The anti-slip rubber grips secure your device and also provide required elevation. You can simply dock your device on the ROC wile viewing recipes, instructions, videos or using it as a digital easel. If you lie to pair your device with an external display, mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals, the ROC makes a great solution. Moving to the L-Stand, it is a must-to-possess accessory for those who want to use their Macbook Pro as a replacement to desktop with other peripherals. With a sturdy aluminum framework, the L-Stand converts your device into a chic, slim, and mini desktop tower. It reduces the space your device occupies on the desk, allowing easy cable management. For keeping your device in pristine condition and free from scratches, the L-Stand is designed with non-abrasive interior rubber and non-slip rubber base, which keep the device from drifting out of place. At last, the JAS PRO from Cooler Master is a stunning display stand that props up your device for a better view while keeping the vital components cool. It turns your MacBook Pro into an art exhibition showcasing the striking features. It provides an ergonomic view which is enabled by utilizing various screen height settings of the JAS PRO. This also helps in improving your posture while sitting. The intelligent design of the JAS PRO also keeps the bottom of the MacBook Pro exposed to air circulation, keeping the vital system components cool. It is also a great travelling companion with light-weight and compact design made up of durable aluminum.
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