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Cosmetic display cabinets are made with ingenuity, and each process is standard

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-27
Cosmetic display cabinets are made with ingenuity! Each process is standard. Why does the production of display cabinets give priority to display cabinet factories? Compared with traditional on-site production, which kind of production will have more advantages

1. Decoration companies with relatively small scale may have more messy placement of materials, the protection and maintenance measures for the display cabinet are relatively low, and the display cabinet is easy to scratch if it is not careful, which will cause fatal damage to the display cabinet, and there are many people who cut corners now, this phenomenon is already very common; The showcase factory will have a detailed production process. The advanced production equipment will make the production of the showcase in one go, which can reduce the damage to a relatively low level. Moreover, the factory will make the showcase and have a certain guarantee after sales, if the counter is damaged, there can be after-sales service, which obviously shows that the display cabinets made in the factory are much more secure than the traditional on-site production.

2. The display cabinet factory can save materials by making display cabinets. Because of the accuracy and standardization of machinery, the display cabinet factory can achieve almost 90% utilization of materials, however, this cannot be achieved under the condition of Manual On-site operation.

3. The custom-made showcase of the showcase factory can shorten the construction period, because a large amount of factory production work has been transferred to the factory, and only a small part of the work produced on the construction site will be left in the future, therefore, it is more timely than traditional manual work, and the construction period is greatly shortened. Generally speaking, factory production is about one month shorter than traditional construction operation.

4, quality assurance: through the fine push table saw cutting, planing, slice batch greasy, bottoming, etc. , and finally to paint, are a series of high-level homework. And traditional production cannot do this.

5, environmental protection: the traditional paint process, on-site operation not only can not guarantee the quality, but also in the construction process will leave a lot of harmful gases, can not be useful to carry forward. The display cabinets made by the factory are made of environmentally friendly paint. The display cabinet factory has a large professional paint spraying room, which can ensure the quality of the display cabinets and, most importantly, reduce the noise caused by on-site operation. Based on the above views, can you understand why ordinary customers choose the display counter of the team?

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