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Cosmetics showcase for shopping malls

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-22

two or three years ago, the cosmetics showcase design and manufacturing factories in the shopping mall gradually paid attention to the design elements of promoting their own brands on their own showcase products, it is hoped that not only the cosmetics products of the merchants will be displayed through the counter, but also their brands will be conveyed to other merchants and customers through the showcase, which is also a strategy of publicity and product marketing, and it is in line with the needs of the society where advertisements are everywhere.

with the increasing enthusiasm for fashion brands, the whole store output design and production factories of cosmetics display cabinets emerge in endlessly, the pressure of competition is also increasing. Not to mention all kinds of intuitive advertisements such as the Internet, we-media and social platforms, even advertisements such as TV plays and movies that delight the public are perfectly implanted. For the showcase industry, it is not an easy task to make a brand worthy of everyone's trust. What is needed is long-term business reputation and good after-sales service.

Therefore, as an advertising form with the help of visual sense, the whole store output of cosmetic display cabinets will be more and more applied to the market, which is no longer just to display and highlight the characteristics of exhibits, but as a kind of commodity conveyed by graphics and images in the form of posters, and this kind of commodity includes both exhibits and display equipment. Therefore, the cosmetics showcase in the shopping mall is a three-dimensional image, that is, through the real goods held in the three-dimensional space to convey. Therefore, it is the most indirect and effective form of advertising.

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