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Counter Display Units Can Help Advertise Your Product

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-08-03
I am certain that many people have (as I have personally experienced on many occasions) been in a shop (be it a large supermarket or a small and privately owned grocers shop or boutique) and be paying for an item when your eye is drawn to a small display on the counter near the till. These displays may well be advertising a certain product or range of products, one of which the customers may well purchase despite not originally intending to do so upon entering the store. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Counter Display Units (CDUs) as a means of advertising and encouraging the selling of products, potentially resulting in an increase in revenue for the business. As the name suggests, Counter Display Units are structures mounted on shop counters on which samples of certain products can be displayed. The reasons behind the employment of such display units on shop counters is because this is a prime location in which it is guaranteed that a very high proportion of customers will see them, especially when they are coloured with an eye catching design painted in bright colours. These Counter Display Units can be made from a large range of materials. These can include cardboard, correx, corrugated board and even foam PVC. The display units may even include an intelligent construction system which can make them 'flat pack' or 'pop up' so as to help save the costs of distribution, further highlighting the point that such Display Units and an incredibly cost effective means of advertisement. The cost effective nature of Counter Display Units is especially appropriate during these austere times as many customers are seeking to limit their expenditure and as many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to scrape together the necessary revenue so as to conduct an effective campaign of advertising. These Counter Display Units on the other hand can result in a dramatic increase in sales revenue in even the most difficult economic conditions as they are a relatively cheap way of promoting the products and attracting the customers to them. These display units can be employed in both short- and long term advertising programmes as either temporary or more substantial display units. The fact that several nationwide and even international businesses use these Counter Display Units in their advertising programmes demonstrates that they are an effective means of promoting their products and possibly increasing their overall sales revenue.
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