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Custom cosmetic display cabinets also have their own specific display and layout principles, do you know?

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-20

customized cosmetics showcase manufacturers answer for you, the window faces a wider and more diverse group, and often closely combines with the elements of seasons, festivals, celebrations, new product recommendations, etc, in order to play the role of propaganda for the season and the festival. This seasonal and festive approach meets the psychological characteristics of customers, and is well used to expand sales and explore potential customers.

1. Specific window display and customized cosmetic showcase layout: that is, using different artistic forms and processing methods, introduce a certain cosmetic decoration and other products in a window, for example, a single decoration specific display and a decoration model specific display.

2. Comprehensive window display and customized cosmetics showcase layout: it displays many irrelevant cosmetics in one window, to form a complete window advertisement. This kind of window layout must be carefully designed due to the large difference between commodities, otherwise it will give people a kind'Assorted porridge'The feeling. Among them, it can be divided into horizontal window layout, vertical window layout and unit window layout, which should be determined according to the size of their own window and the attributes of cosmetics to be displayed.

3. Thematic showcase and customized cosmetics showcase display: it is centered on an advertising topic, organize different types of merchandise to display around a specific cosmetic and other exhibits, and transmit an appeal theme to the media and the public. It can be divided into: Festival display-- The theme of the festival window is to celebrate a certain Festival; Event Display-- A window that combines related commodities with the theme of a certain activity in the society; Scene display-- According to the use of the goods, set up a variety of related goods in the window into a specific scene to induce customers' purchase behavior.

4. Systematic window display and customized cosmetic display counter layout: mainly for large and medium-sized shopping malls, because the window area of large and medium-sized shops is relatively large, according to the category, performance, material, use and other factors of the goods, they can be displayed in one window.

5. Seasonal window display: display seasonal goods in focus according to seasonal changes, such as woolen sweaters and windbreakers in late winter and early spring, summer clothes, sandals and straw hats in late spring and early summer are displayed. This method meets the psychological characteristics of customers buying in season and is used to expand sales. However, seasonal display will be displayed in advance one month before the season arrives to introduce to customers, so as to play the role of seasonal publicity.

The window of the cosmetics store is not only an integral part of the overall decoration of the facade, but also an exhibition hall for cosmetics, etc, it is mainly based on the goods sold in our shop, skillfully using scenery and props, setting off the background picture decoration, with appropriate lights, colors and text descriptions, it is a comprehensive advertising art form for commodity introduction and commodity publicity.

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