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Display cabinets made of different materials show different colors

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-24

1. Custom glass display cabinets can be divided into light glass display cabinets, pavilion-type glass display cabinets and corridor-type glass display cabinets. The glass is particularly beautiful because of its simplicity and crystal clear characteristics. The feeling brought to us by the effect of the glass showcase display frame creates a kind of ice texture for the whole store, which makes people shine at the moment, it's refreshing and icy.

second, metal showcases are more modern, metal showcases are more practical, and metal showcases are more durable, so metal showcases are the leading products of modern showcases. Metal has been very popular with people since thousands of years ago. Most people use metal ornaments to reflect their noble temperament.

third, wooden showcase shelves: mainly made of environment-friendly wood board materials, made of special fire-proof boards with various decorative materials and glass covers. For some more valuable jewelry, clothing, precision instruments, mobile phones and shelves used in various computer products. There is no fixed standard, and a standard shape or special-shaped display cabinet can be made according to the demand of commodities and the ground position.

4. We call the baking varnish showcase a showcase made of baking varnish. The baking varnish display cabinet is better than the matte one. The baking varnish display cabinet is rich in color and can be made into various shapes, which well reflects the display of product characteristics and the display of product brand image.

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