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Do I Hire or Purchase a Stand From an Exhibition

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-27
Why buy an exhibition stand when you could hire one and have it installed for you at any event at a fraction of the cost? Well it's not as simple as that. There are certain times when buying a show stand makes perfect commercial sense. There are other times when cost dictates that a smaller Pop Up stand needs to be purchased for trade events where the customer only has a small space. There are certain events that only happen once a year and making a very big impression is simply the right thing to do and sometimes this can only be achieved by buying a display stage from an exhibition stand contractor and having them design a great looking platform for this presentation. The exhibition stand contractor can then store the presentation dais in their warehouse until it is required for the next important show. The event stage builder will charge you for the right to store your event stage for you and this should be agreed at the earliest possible opportunity. There other times though when the show demands less of an impact. Exhibition stage contractors will build presentation dais that are far cheaper for these trade shows and you can even pay for them on a show by show basis. Event stage builders will rarely promote their display dais as being for hire as this sometimes gives the impression that they are cheap in some way or another. In reality, almost every stage, even the expensive ones is discarded at the end of the show by the event stand contractor as warehouse space is expensive and storing what amounts of wood and nails simply isn't cost effective. The builder will then reconstruct the stage as an when the need arises. The good news is that hiring stand from an event stand builder is much more cost effective than buying and some hire podiums are easily as impactful as the higher cost event podiums. The exhibition stand contractor will still do what they always do - build the exhibition stand, do all the exhibitor manual paperwork and planning for you, help you with the stage design, deal with all the venue contractors, they will take down the display stage at the end of the show. The only main difference is simply the cost, which is much much lower. You can expect to pay about one third of the cost of purchasing a stand from a presentation stage contractor. Of course, you can get an trade event contractor to build your own platform for displaying your products for you should you have one. The event stage contractor can also build one for you, even if it happens to be being stored by your existing trade show builder. You do own it after all! Should you wish to know more about exhibiting or hiring a presentation stand from an exhibition stand contractor then please call rock solid promotions. http://www.rocksolidpromotions.co.uk
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