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Dr. Douglas Hauck - A Distinguished Innovator

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-26
A distinguished innovator in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Douglas Hauck bridges the gap between enhancing the health and vitality of a patient's mouth, and creating an aesthetically stunning smile. With the trademark of his flawless eye for cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Douglas Hauck designs his patient's new smile by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the patient's health, coloring, gender, facial features, bone structure, existing tooth structures, and lifestyle. According to patients and peers, Dr. Hauck consistently offers that rare highlight of what cosmetic dentistry can give to patients: an exceptionally youthful and healthy smile with natural-looking veneers and crowns that greatly enhance the overall health and wellbeing of his patients. Cosmetic dentists are innovators who invent lifelong solutions for patients with dull, damaged, graying, or decayed teeth so that they too can have a youthful, vibrant, and radiant smile. As a distinguished Newport Beach dentist, Dr. Hauck's passion for dentistry has developed a precision-oriented eye for detail. With knowledge, the application of innovative cosmetic dental techniques, and the use of ground-breaking technology, cosmetic dentists like Dr. Hauck wield their expertise to the task at hand as sculptors work toward bringing forth their visions. With a comprehensive approach, Dr. Hauck and other top cosmetic dentists are attentive to their patient's unique needs. Clear communication alleviates and addresses concerns real-time, and professional cosmetic dentists use case studies as a means of revealing their experience and expertise. The best cosmetic dentists are consummate students who develop their skill and learn about cutting edge methods. This investment in innovation is often the key to a brilliant cosmetic dentist's ability to sculpt beautiful and healthy smiles. As an exemplary cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hauck is always learning valuable techniques to enhance his already advanced skill-set and knowledge in smile rejuvenation and design. Although he was trained at USC, UCLA, and obtained his doctorate of dental surgery from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, Dr. Hauck has made it his mission to continue developing his dental vocabulary and knowledge. He has gone onto learn from and teach the best and brightest cosmetic dentists at the prominent Las Vegas Institute (LVI), and he has served on the faculty at the USC School of Fixed Prosthodontics. When searching for a cosmetic dentist, it is important to assess the training, background, knowledge, and most importantly, skill level of the physician to whom you are entrusting your smile. Outstanding dentists like Dr. Douglas Hauck stand a head above in their field, in large part due to their love of the craft of cosmetic dentistry, as well as a consummate dedication to treating patients with the dignity and respect they would offer their closest friends and family. Remember that your bright youthful smile, enhanced and maintained by the hand of a gifted cosmetic dentist, is meant to last a lifetime.
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