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Draw More Business to Your Dealership by Electronic

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-26
We all know that the economy has been terrible for quite a period of time and it's been so difficult to attract more potential clients to spend money on a new car for a car dealer. There might be some new cutting edge technology, or special offer in your shop but what is the most efficient and eye-catching way to advertise it? An Electronic Message Board will be a great help. Some people may think it's crazy to invest when the business is not good already but look at this: according to the Small Business Administration, installing digital signage can increase sales from 15% to 150%! The return is definitely much bigger than the investment on the new device. Due to the facts that human beings' attention is easier to be caught by colorful and vivid motion and images than dull characters, and that people tend to have better memory about shapes and colors than simple words, you want to make the programs running on your Electronic Message Boardsas interesting as possible. Thus it is recommended to communicate to your customers with light, motion, and color: - Show new vehicle models for sale in your shop. - Highlight the latest rebates and incentives. - Offer daily specials on overstocked models. - Promote your high profit margin service specials and dealer warranty programs. - Advertise your competitive advantages: special pricing, unique dealer offers, free pickup/drop off, etc. - Run instant ads and messages for oil changes, tire rotation, tune ups, tire promotions, etc. - Announce community sponsorships and events. - Entertain waiting customers with current news, sports and weather services. - Show small tips for car maintenance, simple problem check and so on. Besides, there are some more good reasons for you to replace your traditional automotive advertising methods with Electronic Message Boards. First of all, Electronic Message Board programing is more flexible and easier. You just need to sit in your office, customize and update the programs showing on your Electronic Message Boards in just couple of minutes on your computer. Whatever information, color, shape or motion you want, it can be all done instantly. Secondly, it's economical: requiring little or no maintenance, the ROI of an Adaptive digital display can come in as little as a few months. Besides, LED displays save lots of energy and are environmental friendly.
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