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Effective Display at Trade Shows Using Banner Stands

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-25
Any company that relies on trade shows to bring in sales knows the importance of a quality booth and display. Standing out and attracting floor traffic is the name of the game and there is no better way to do both than using eye-catching banner stands. Banner stands can be used to complement an existing display space or they can be used to create a complete space alone. They are versatile and come in many styles and configurations. The banners are printed on high quality materials so the graphics are bright, crisp and can be individually customized. Any color scheme can be utilized. This type of trade show display system is also easy to set-up and break down. There are no complicated mechanisms or framing to put up, which saves valuable time during trade shows. They are highly portable, whether shipping from city to city or carrying along, the system breaks down into small manageable pieces that don't require a small army to move around. The greatest benefit of the system is the versatility. Trade show marketing is about drawing in traffic. Attendees often suffer from a kind of floor blindness as they make their way up and down the seemingly endless rows of display booths. It is often overwhelming, and that is why it is so important to have a quality display. Innovations such as media banners and scrolling banners are more eye-catching and work harder to promote the company's name and products. Other innovations include extra height banners. One of the challenges at a trade show is standing out on the floor, especially when foot traffic is high. Most attendees looking ahead only see a mass of bodies. With extra height displays customers and prospects will see your message. It is like a beacon giving one greater visibility and providing a means for clients to find your booth. Finding the right banner stand for one's particular need is easy thanks to the Internet. There are many manufactures and sellers available. One firm, Twist displays, has a full line of banner stands, from basic to multimedia. They also offer free design service which allows one to take advantage of their deep experience in design and banner creation. The specialists can help put together a complete system or review one's existing design for added input. The designers at Twist will base their recommendation on your firm's trade show strategy. Is it to promote the company overall or a new product? Will there be a live demonstration or video presentation? Is there a need for semi-private space for discussions or presentations? The experts at Twist will lead you through the design process from concept to creation. Trade show marketing requires substantial investment in both money and personnel resources. One's display and stand must be ahead of the competition in order to get the maximum return. Banner stands from Twist can help your company standout amongst the crowd to get more business. Not only are they eye-catching and innovative, but the system itself is simple and quick to deploy, allowing personnel to devote more time to selling and less time to set-up.
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