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Enjoy Wonderful Collection at Department 56!

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-24
Christmas time is the time to enjoy and celebrate with full excitement and gay abandon. This is the time which is considered to be very sacred among Christians spread all over the world. Not only devout Christians but people from other communities also celebrate this day with great devotion. The festival not only has many cultural implications but various commercial implications as well. Come Christmas, one must gear up into a high gear and start planning for this wonderful festival. Lot of things is taken into consideration, like gifts, baking, decorations, ornaments, etc. Department 56 is the perfect place to look for exclusive items to be bought for this wonderful occasion. Besides Christmas, Department 56 Halloweenis also offered to the customers. Careful thought and precision is required while shopping for a variety of occasions. It is fast and easy to display Department 56miniature lighted villages. Like those described in Elizabeth Dinger's book unless you are building a large village layout, Department 56 displays by number, one can artfully place and display these village pieces like a pro in minutes. To display these village pieces in an attractive manner one can place D56 village building in the center of a wreath for an end table, counter display or dining table. One can use holly wreath, an evergreen wreath, pinecone or twig wreath for decoration purposes. Using Styrofoam or a cardboard box, raise the village building slightly. Using fake snow or poly fill, hide the base and cords creatively. With yummy baked goods and treats, one can also create a kitchen counter display. On a small stack of nice hardcover cookbooks, elevate the building. With baking accessories such as tins, jelly molds, cookie cutters, etc, it can be surrounded. For the centerpiece of a Christmas cookie exchange, this is perfect. In your kids' rooms, use D56 lighted buildings as nightlights. For the girls one can similarly display Victoria's Doll House. Similarly, the Santa Clause House or Coca Cola Bottling Factory can be used for the boys. In the corner of a desk or bedside table, place the building. By using polyfil or cotton batting, avoid the mess of fake snow. Until you have a fluffy snowy landscape for your village scene pulls and tease out the fibers. The use of lighting should be such that the whole ensemble looks appealing. To reflect light to the best effect, arrange mirrors behind your scenes. There are many Department 56 Christmas story as well. These stories are world famous and have great traditions attached to it. Thus Department 56 plays a major role in celebrations.
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