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Essential of EPOS Software for Retail Management

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-23
The life cycle of retailer involves: Manufactures----->Retailer------>customer (or) end user. Manufacture: Means where products processes with the help of machine and labors using raw materials. Retailer: Where he/she sells the finished goods or product in the market. End user: Where he/she buys the completely finished goods from the market, for their own use. All these process is said to be Shopping. Here now Retailer wants to maintain a good atmosphere in shop and also keep tracking of sale, stock, inventory, cash details etc....So to control all these process, we have a software Known as Epos Retail software. This particular software is quite famous these days in wide retail industry. EPOS- means Electronic Point of Sale, technology which enables a capable recording of the sale of product or things to the customer. It is a combination of hardware and software, generally its VDU-(Visual Display unit) / touch screen. The system may connect with additional equipment such as printer, cash drawer, barcode, weighing scale machine, it required we can opt keyboard; we can assess all these accessories depend upon nature of the business suits. Retail Software help you to run your business ,where you can manage your products, services, customers, quotes and orders all from a single easy to use software package. EPOS system is built with features and technologies that allow you to easily setup and use a till, receipt printer and barcode scanner. Advantages of Epos Retail software: Saving Money/ service time. Maintaining Records about stock/purchase details at back office system. Making timely service to the customer. Transaction processes are quickly carried out. Employee hours are calculated. This software is fully integrated retail solutions including store management and back office systems. Retail Software is the best practical software for all kind of retail shop like general retailers, chain stores, supermarkets, furniture shop, Jeweler shop, pharmacy shop, giftware store, grocery store and electronic shop. With the help of epos software, we can manage inventory, accounting, material flow, payroll, billing & reports details. This epos application is built with latest technologies and main features according to the nature of the business suits. The main intention is to develop business efficiency by increasing transaction speed, productivity and to satisfy the both customer and owner. Epos Retail software, are reliable, affordable and ready to use for all types of business suits.
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