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Expotutto Tobacco Display

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-19
The Public health act of 2008 bans the display of tobacco products over the counter. This law shall be fully in operation from April, 2015. Such a law would have a negative effect on the revenue realized from the sale of tobacco amongst merchants and stockiest. Thanks to Expotutto group that has come with the efficient and effective methods of tobacco display that does not violate the laws governing tobacco display. Use of servertab Servertab is an overhead cigarette dispenser suspended from the ceiling and is used o hold tobacco. It is elevated so as to offer a wide field of view for a customer viewing other commodities right over the counter. Servertab offer enough storage space for tobacco as it is spacious and comes in different installation solutions for holding tobacco. Use of the Apollo counter This tobacco display makes use on counters sections to store and display tobacco to a seller only but buyers or sellers cannot see it. The products are stored in compartments like those of safes and cash drawers within drawer. When the servertab and Apollo counter are compared, servertab are best preferred; they are the latest Expotutto tobacco display dispenser that are popular amongst stockiest of tobacco because of their advantages. Servertab is secure, adjustable and comes in different installation solutions. It has minimal or no product obstruction as compared to Apollo counter that obstructs other products. With servertab and Apollo counters from Expotutto group, product appearance can only be changed with shelving. Space utility and minimization- servertab takes less space. It is mainly installed on the ceiling making utility of wasted ceiling space or can be mounted on the existing counter so as to utilise counter space left fr No obstruction- Servertab offers a full product visibility since it is technically installed above and outside the field of view of customer standing behind the counter. The customer can hence see other products sold without being obstructed by servertab mounted on the ceiling. Variety of installation solutions e.g. CL that is installed on existing customer bench, AP that is installed on Apollo bench and SO which is installed on ceilings. Others solutions are AP1, CB, CV, MB, VS, IB and EB.
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