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by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-14
A few days back, I was passing by a commercial street and noticed a small kiosk selling sandwiches. There was a mad rush in long queues waiting to have sandwiches at that kiosk. Whereas 50 meters ahead there was quite a big eatery and surprisingly there were few people having food. I was really boggled when I compared the obvious difference in the sale of the two outlets. I couldn't understand what can make a small kiosk to cash on, while a large eatery remained almost an empty. This made me think for a moment and from somewhere I got a very strong feeling to stop there and to look for some hints. Then I started making some observations. I rolled my eye-balls everywhere and I started getting indications as I walked for some other meters. After meticulous observation and thinking, I realized that there was difference in the advertising pattern. The first and foremost difference between the both eateries was the stark contrast of visual effect. The kiosk though small, was painted in vibrant color and had simple but attractive furniture. Everything just seemed perfect. It was compact and beautiful. Another catchy thing was its visuals used on counters and on the walls. All the more, apart from having very small space to advertise, he had smartly utilized each corner available. The beautiful Banner Stands so stylish and funky at the same time- were apt to grab the attention of all passers-by and hence, customers. I could notice the craze in people for that kiosk- one reason is that sandwiches must be good, but for sure other places also offer good food and second reason, the interesting and unique experience it offered to its customers. On the other hand, the large eatery had a large 'empty' counter with few customers well-seated at the tables. The food might be good there too but how would people know without having tasted that. So, it is important to know how to attract customers. The eatery surely lacked charm. It was pretty dull colored with a boring setting and ordinary furniture. What possibly attacked its sales was lack of visual appeal. It had a fading and dull (very dirty rather) wooden billboard that failed to draw attention of the people. Had the owner learnt a lesson or two from the kiosk, he would have achieved new heights. The eatery certainly needed a stylish look. It makes it pretty clear that size doesn't matter in business. What matters to succeed is your zest and zeal to do the old things in new and different ways. Visit for Trade show Display Products http://www.easydisplay.com.cn
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