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How The Broken Window Syndrome Crosses Over to Landscaping

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-09
Have you ever felt a sense of basic insecurity while walking through a neighborhood? It's a feeling of uneasiness that comes from many very small signals your subconscious mind may be picking up. My street has a certain air of security. I have lived in many neighborhoods. Each has a different makeup and each has its own degree of comfort, or not. The Broken Window Syndrome is a theory that when one house in a neighborhood has a broken window, or any other neglected care, the other houses start to follow the same negative pattern. This principle causes the entire neighborhood to deteriorate quickly. Just one broken window starts the snowball effect of this downward spiral. Walk through any neighborhood and you will notice the same principle at work regarding landscaping. Count the houses with moderate to elaborate yard work. You will find a better quality of life in those neighborhoods. Landscaping is a direct reflection of people's values. When care is taken, it shows. When people take the time or make the effort to do things on purpose, it is the mark of awareness. That awareness transfers to every aspect of a community. The Gallup organization has made a startling discovery. People are the absolute difference in a city's success. Gallup boldly says that any city that is doing poorly, likely has lousy leaderhip. There are bad managers who should not be in their in jobs. Gallup actually promotes the idea of firing those managers today. Replace them with people who not only care but who can deliver results. This is how things work. Awareness creates betterment. When a youth sports team has excellent coaching, the team does better.When a high school teacher is great, the students do better. When parents are highly aware and fully present, the kids do better. See the pattern? When a neighborhood starts to show signs of neglect, things get bad fast. That's why it is important to do the necessary things that will show awareness of values. Landscapng is a great way to display this awareness practically overnight. A well landscaped yard brings pride to both the homeowner and the community. Multiply that times 'everybody' and the standard of living actually goes up. Excellent landscaping does not have to be expensive. Basic, foundational placement of flower beds, shrubbery, and trees, can be a simple arrangement. Nothing elaborate is needed. Just solid basics will carry the look and feel of a strong yard for years. Once the basics are in place, extra's can be added for seasonal expressions. Flourishes of blooming flowers in spring, special areas for displaying fall colors, winter's retreat, and summer's spectacular green grasses and full shrubbery. The Broken Window Theory works. Simple solutions work to snuff the negative spark. Neighborhoods all over the world depend on it. Ultimatley, it's about quality, aware people. They spread their higher standards simply through their caring actions. Landscaping is one such action.
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