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How to ensure cost performance when customizing plexiglass for cosmetic display cabinets?

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-21

now in the cosmetics industry, the plexiglass display of the cosmetics showcase has become the first choice for the industry to display cosmetics. In particular, we found that the more upscale and high-end brand cosmetics are made of plexiglass display stands. Accordingly, they have higher requirements for the display effect of the plexiglass display stand. In particular, plexiglass also has the characteristics of crystal clear, impact resistance, light weight, environmental protection and easy recycling, so this is also the reason why they regard plexiglass display stand as the first choice.

so how to ensure cost performance when customizing plexiglass for cosmetic display cabinets? Let's share the experience of plexiglass display stand with magnesium.

1. Depending on the products carried by the organic glass display stand, if you want the better the permeability and finish of the organic glass display of the cosmetics display cabinet, the thicker the thickness of the organic glass plate is required, at the same time, the thicker it is, the more expensive the customized plexiglass display stand is, because there is no standard for how thick the plexiglass display stand should be. Therefore, it depends on the products carried by Plexiglass. Generally speaking, if you use it for decoration, you can use 2mm or less. However, if it plays a weight-bearing role, it will take at least 3mm for a long time and it will be determined according to the structure of the display stand. For cosmetics, a plexiglass display stand with a thickness of 3mm to 5mm can already bear its weight. 2. Choose a more reliable plexiglass display rack custom processing factory now there are many cosmetic display counter factories on the market, it can be said that the good and the bad are mixed. If you want to ensure the cost performance of custom processing, you must choose a reliable manufacturer. Because powerful manufacturers are very strict in controlling the quality of plexiglass products during processing and production, they generally have a sound quality control degree, it also has a perfect after-sales service team and an effective guarantee contract. In this way, when you receive the finished customized plexiglass display stand, if there is a problem, you can still get a satisfactory solution.

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