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How to set up a cosmetic display cabinet?

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-21
How to set up a cosmetic display counter?

with the improvement of people's living standards, the number of people visiting large shopping malls on weekends has increased. Of course, when you visit shops, the focus is not only on the products in the store, but also on the appearance of the store display cabinet. If the display cabinet is displayed regularly, the sales of the store will also be improved, if the design of the display cabinet in the store is not in place, the display cabinet will also have a certain impact on the display of the product. How can the display cabinet be set up better? Let's get to know it together.

when setting up the display cabinet, it is suitable to choose white or light bright color in the cleansing and display channel of the space, because white and light bright color can make people feel like increasing the space, however, if the color is darker, it will make people feel that the space is narrow, which is unfavorable to the design of display cabinets.

when designing the display cabinet, in the small display cabinet space, do not make the booth shape and display props too large, then the standard of the display space is to coordinate, the overall environment of the display can be combined by the overall picture or the way with the picture, which can give people a better sense of design. When designing the display cabinet, the layout is very important.

when setting up the display cabinet, it also needs to echo the brand's products. Different enterprises have different product information, the location where their product information is suitable will also be different. Therefore, when setting up the display cabinet, it should be carried out according to the environment in the store, and both parties need to combine it, if there is a problem with the design and display cabinet of the exhibition hall, it will have an impact on the display cabinet seen by the user.

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