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How to Use Sunscreen Correctly - Three Points to Teach You

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-04
If we want to still keep a fresh skin in the hot summer, sun precaution is the key to this point. A good sun precaution is half of the whiteness. As the weather is getting hot, knowing some skills of sun precaution are very necessary for easing and keeping beautiful in the Summer. For effective protection of skin, the sunscreen is an essential skin-care product. However, there are many kinds of skills on using sunscreen, if not taken carefully, it tends to influence the effect of sun precaution. First, we should explicit know what we will do today before using of the sunscreen, to work, travel, close to the sea or to exercise. Don't neglect them, because they are very important and determined which type and SPF for you today. General people's skins are fit for the level SPF 8-12; and for those light-sensitive people, SPF 12-20 is appropriate; it is better to choose the SPF that under 15 level for those regular office workers; choose the SPF higher than 30 level is worthy if travelling in the wild, beach or sporting outside; if you want to go swimming, the waterproof sunscreen is the best. Besides, fair-skinned persons should be better choose a sunscreen with SPF over 30 which could prevent the freckles and the darker skin people can use the sunscreen that lower than 15 value in usual. Second, some MM often remind to smudge the sunscreen when go out, this is also incorrect. Actually, the sunscreen must wipe half an hour before going out and re-wipe when leave so that the skin could absorb effectively and the sunscreen can fully display the effect on against to the sun. In the use dosage, at least 1-2ml each time could have the best effect. In addition, we should try our best to avoid going out during the strongest time of sunshine of a day (10:00 am - 2:00 pm), while if we go out during this time, we should make good use of each kind of auxiliary things, like the parasol umbrella, hat, long sleeve clothes, sunglasses and so on to resist the ultraviolet ray invasion. Finally, many MM usually makeup before going out, and what will they do if they want to wipe sunscreen later? Some people may wipe it on face directly, but this is a wrong way and the correct is that to clear the sweat and oil on the face with tissue gently, or just use oil-absorbing paper to absorb the grease, then use sunscreen powder to make-up; remember that if there are heavy sweat and oil on the face, it must make full of clear for the face then smudge sunscreen.
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