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Information Regarding Post Card Holder Display Racks

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-02
Available as either counter top styles or floor models, display racks can be found in a wide assortment of sizes and styles. They typically spin, and have plenty of pockets to hold items from greeting cards to leaflets. If space is an issue, there are also wire pockets that can be placed on a pegboard to display magazines, cards or leaflets. Round counter top stands can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes making it simple to find just the right one. Some of them feature as 1 tier, others have 2 tiers. They are available in many sizes and can hold cards that are either 5' x 7' or 6' x 4'. Most of these stands are built to hold a variety of card sizes including those that are seven inches by five, which allows them to be properly displayed. These counter top displays, on the average; stand about 33 inches tall so that they are the perfect height to be seen easily when placed on the counter. Floor models also come in a large variety of sizes and styles. They are available as two tier models all the way up to four tiers. Some also feature pockets depending on the type of material that you will want to put into the display. Large ones are perfect for holding post cards or greeting cards. Smaller ones feature only 24 pockets while the larger ones can feature as many as 96. The 96 pocket display racks are very large and have two sides that each spins. For a large store or to organize items into a specific way, these may be the ideal fit for your store. The large floor models can be found in a variety of different heights from 51 inches to 68 inches high. They do have to be assembled but, with the easy follow directions, they can be built within a few hours. Each level, or tier, does contain 4 pockets. They also feature a 5 inch gap in between each level to ensure that there is sufficient space for customer hands to pull cards and leaflets out of the display rack and for store personnel to put their items easily. Many models will also feature an easy to use sign holder. The models that feature twin spinners have the same features as outlined above, although they are a bit taller measuring approximately eighty-two inches in height. As the other ones do, these also feature five inches in between each tier. They are ready to build and take less than a day to assemble completely. These large models are perfect for larger stores that have a lot of stock or for displays that want to be organised in a specific way, such as in alphabetic order. All of the floor models feature pockets that are suitable for many size cards or literature. When it is time to choose the display racks for your store, it can be a much simpler task then most people think. There is a large variety of prices and sizes to choose from, ensuring that most small businesses will be able to afford just what they need. These can often sometimes be personalized to match a store decor or to show off a company logo. It is also normal to find deep savings if you purchase a quantity of more than two.
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