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Introduction to the process of opening paint and sealing paint for cosmetic display cabinet

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-22

The cosmetic showcase industry often talks about the concept of open paint and closed paint. In fact, this process is mainly aimed at products with solid wood and panels. For example, a wood grain cosmetic showcase, if you want to keep the cosmetic showcase uneven natural lines, use open paint. On the contrary, with the sealing paint, the uneven lines will be filled in, and our magnesium family will feel smooth and smooth.

first talk about the types of paint; 18 categories, PU, PE, NC and other light curing paint, acid curing paint, alkyd, phenolic, Ester glue, oily paint (Generally for Tung oil or linseed oil polymerization). There are also latex paint and large paint. In fact, the later applications are not too extensive. At present, cosmetics display cabinet manufacturers are mostly used PU, PE and Nitro.

As the name implies, the sealing paint means to be closed with paint:

The sealing primer acts as a fiber conduit for sealing the pores and pores of the substrate to form a film in a glue shape, it's hard to Polish. General tone of the dilute point. Viscosity is still high.

generally closed refers to the color ( Is directly on the panel with a rag brush, etc. to paint the color to the surface to be done)Then use paint as primer (General primer also added a little color)After making clear water paint on the surface ~!

The two-pass primer is generally thicker, which is easy to polish and smooth, so it is generally adjusted. The transparency of good polishing is almost, and the polishing with good transparency is slower. Therefore, the second convenient paint is divided into solid wood bottom (Easy to Polish)And sticker bottom (Good transparency)2 categories. According to the different production processes of cosmetic display counter manufacturers, the number of times of painting will be different. Therefore, sealing paint is a kind of painting process whose main feature is that the texture of Brown holes on the surface of wood is completely closed by paint, which shows that the paint film on the surface of wood matrix is plump, thick, bright and smooth, sealing paint can be suitable for all wood substrates.

open paint refers to being able to see the natural characteristics of wood grain, just changing the color. This is a common finishing method in European and American countries, that is, the wood is colored with water-based color paste on the treated substrate, then polished, primed, and then coated with transparent topcoat.

The basic process flow is: grinding--Primer--Grinding--Bottom coloring--Second degree primer--Grinding--Face tinting-- Topcoat

but the open paint is excessively dependent on the texture of the original wood matrix, so it is relatively strict and harsh in material selection. Therefore, open paint is a painting process that completely reveals Brown holes on the surface of wood, which shows obvious wood holes, clear texture and strong natural feeling, but its cost is high, high requirements for spraying technology. Generally speaking, it is required that the Brown holes of wood must be deep and obvious when making open paint, such as oak, Fraxinus mandshurica, etc. The color is relatively uniform, and the overall feeling is very good and easy to take care.

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