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Is a Wireless Thermostats The Best Choice For

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-07-01
When it comes to maintaining your home or office's living environment, how you control your HVAC system is paramount. To assure the best decision, following are your five main options: 1) Mechanical thermostats. Inexpensive, old fashioned and impractical by today's standards. The inherent inaccuracy and lack of programmability means inefficiency and higher energy bills. In other words, you get what you pay for... 2) Digital, non-programmable thermostats. Choosing an electronic device is a sure step in the right direction. The back-lit display and more modern look are more appealing but the biggest benefit is the pin-point accuracy - no more guesswork when setting the old-style dials... 3) Digital programmable thermostats. It keeps getting better! These add a computer chip (brain) allowing you to program it for when to turn your HVAC system on and off. This is great for saving energy and matching your lifestyle, especially if you've been known to forget things at time (like I do). Digital programmable units are available with numerous features but you basically pay for just how much you can program, or control your HVAC system. Adjusting your settings down or up when you're asleep at night or away during the day can have a sizable, long-term impact on your energy bills. 4) Internet/Wi-Fi thermostats. If you have Internet and/or a smart phone, you can be in total control (a nice treat for a computer geek)! These systems naturally offer much more control and programming options than any other device. You can do a lot more in an online account than you could on the smaller portable or wall-mounted devices. You can control this home automation system from your bed, business, vehicle or hotel room - anywhere in the world that you happen to be connected to the 'Net. 5) Wireless thermostats. Finally, we have the Wireless units which can be used with programmable digital or internet HVAC control systems. These are especially beneficial when remodeling and retrofitting projects in the home or office. This is because, as a wireless remote unit, you can place it practically anywhere you wish. No expensive wire pulling is needed. And now you can really gain control of your environment by taking a portable unit with you to handle your needs in a particular room or area of the home. Some older thermostat locations may not be practical for today's needs: perhaps your interior environment has changed over time and the location of the thermostat is an important operational consideration. Wireless thermostats can be just the solution. Cost and ROI Costs can vary substantially depending on make, model and features, so understanding your options help you to shop wisely. Whatever you decide to purchase, make sure it's at least programmable to fit your lifestyle - you'll soon recoup your investment with energy savings of up to 20% or better by abiding by the manufacturer's recommendations. Your only ongoing expense would be the typical, two AA lithium batteries. These will normally be replaced every 6-12 months or so. What's next? How about a quick visit to the site below? You'll be able to dig a bit deeper and learn more about ALL your options, including a surprise or two along the way (the first being that there's nothing to buy - just great content)...
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