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Make the customized cosmetics display cabinet become a high-grade point, choose magnesium

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-18

make the customized cosmetic display counter become a high-grade point, magnesium will give you a way to match and become high-grade

1. Color matching of customized cosmetics display cabinets

when making customized cosmetics display cabinets, in terms of design color system- Be careful, do not use too much color, the color can not achieve simplicity will make the viewer produce visual fatigue, but can not achieve the desired display effect, fruit.

2. Lighting

There are mainly halogen lamps, LED lamps and fluorescent tubes on the market that can be used on cosmetic showcases. Halogen lamps mainly consume a lot of electricity, the heat is also bright, and the light is warm and yellow; LED power consumption is small, with white and warm light; However, it is suggested to use fluorescent tubes in the cabinet to increase the overall visual height and degree to a greater extent.

3. Visual commonality

Display props such as cosmetics are to enable consumers to, in a limited time and space, obtaining complete and effective commodity information, so visual effect and fruit are the consensus of modern cosmetic display cabinets, in the design field, there has been a concept and method of introducing plane, three-dimensional solid, color system and lighting system with relatively complete matching.

4. The importance of decorative materials in the cabinet

although the customized cosmetic display counter itself is a green leaf, it also needs to have an atmosphere of increasing decoration, the high-grade decoration combined in this way can add points to the cosmetic image.

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