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Mandarin Centre Chatswood Announces The Opening

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-24
The very popular Daiso Japan store chain has invaded Australia. Mandarin Shopping Centre has announced an exciting new addition to its customers' shopping experience with the opening of the new Daiso Japan branch this September. This means more choices and options for people looking for great quality at even greater prices. Daiso Japan is a very famous chain of stores in Japan known for its focus on value-added products and services. With over 2,700 branches in Japan alone, the store chain aims to tap international markets in order to offer high quality merchandise at incredibly low prices. Most products sold at Daiso Japan stores have a price tag of just $2.80. Daiso Japan was established in 1972 as Yano Shoten in order to provide budget-conscious Japanese with household items. From 1980 to 1986, sales offices were established in Tokyo, Kyushu and Osaka. With additional capitalization, the store chain continued to expand. At present, Daiso Japan has opened stores in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United states and Europe. Daiso Japan has since risen from its humble beginnings to become the frontrunner in the 100 Yen market. In fact, 65% of the market share is dominated by Daiso. What can customers look forward to? Aside from its budget-friendly prices, Daiso Japan is also known to offer a wide variety of products such as home furnishings, toiletries, makeup, garden accessories, stationeries, personal care products and even tools. The great thing about the store's line of merchandise is that they are designed and produced with an eye on function and quality, so much so that even frequent customers are surprised they are sold at such low prices. Better yet, most of the product lineup found in Daiso stores have been developed and specially designed in-house. As such, Daiso is able to supply products that have the same high standards of quality and design in every branch. Customers get the same top quality whether they are buying in Tokyo, Singapore, Romania or San Francisco. The fact that majority of the products are sold at the store's trademark price tags makes every purchase an unbeatable bargain. Another key component to the success of the Daiso chain is its approach in product placment and inventory. Daiso continuously refreshes the product lines on display so even repeat customers will find something new every time. With its friendly service, large number of choices and considerable savings, Daiso Japan is poised to change the buying attitudes of Australians for the better.
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