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Marketing With a 3D Holographic Display.

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-23
When most people think of holograms, they either think of episodes of Star Trek where the crew is interacting with intelligent beings who aren't really there or, they think of those wall hanging pictures of a space ship or of a mouse eating a piece of cheese that were popular in the 80s that you had to look at from just the right angle and with just the right light to see anything clearly. Although we haven't quite reached the technological levels of Star Trek we have moved on a long way from the wall hanging squinty pictures. The most common way most people will see a holographic image now is in 3D displays which basically look like a hollow box that displays a 3D video image. The movies are recorded in HD or created by animation computer programs and are shown in the display boxes using some pretty clever technology. These are an excellent way for a company to show promotional material or to give a full demonstration of a product. Imagine being able to show a new product in 3D, imagine the impact on your customers of them being able to see something as it really is, not just as a two dimensional photograph or video. 3D displays are still very much a novelty so there is the added advantage that if they are being used to market a product or service or to increase branding strength and awareness; people will look and stay looking simply because it is a 3D hologram. There is also the advantage that the holographic display stand will encourage people into the place that it is located just to see it, so this is an ideal place to give away promotional material. In essence the display stand is not much different in the way it is used than a traditional video screen but it will attract far more attention and people will remember the first time they ever saw one for a long time to come.
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