18 years experiences to solve all the problems of designing, manufacturing, installing for display stand and shop display for whole shop or brand


Meizhuang Beauty Display Units


Island cabinet/shop counter

0.88m skin care products backside cabinet 880*400*2200mm                      2sets

0.7m perfume backside cabinet with soft film light box 700*250*2200mm             2sets

1.02m skin care beauty product display stand with soft film light box 1020*400*2200mm   4sets

0.9m skin care products display  900*400*2200mm                           3sets

11.35m soft film light box 11350*200*650mm                               1set

0.75m hanging display stand with lightening words 750*300*2850mm                 1set

1.7m try out table with lightening words    1700*550*2850mm                  1set

0.525m tier plate display case  525*250*2850mm                            9sets

1m perfume hot selling display counter 1000*250*2850mm                       1set

0.85m skin care display stands 850*400*2850mm                             1set

cashier  1550*550*1000                                            1set

Curve canopy with spot lights 20 pieces 10330**280mm                        1set

Decoration materials

Main panel: MDF board

Lacquer: Qiqiang brand

Fire retardant coatings: Quanneng brand

Electronic wire: Qingfeng brand

Electric leakage/empty switch Schneider

LED light stripes: Jingtepai brand 5050/5025

Socket: TCL brand

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