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On the beauty of commercial display cabinets

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-24
The design of commercial display cabinets is not purely for profit, but should be art at the same time. If the showcase is properly arranged, it will naturally cause the customer's psychological pleasure. Only under the control of stealing pleasure can we have a strong desire to buy. This is the premise of showcase design. The design of display cabinets belongs to the category of practical aesthetics, and the design of display cabinets includes two meanings. First, it should be consistent with the name. The showcase is the window of the store, through which you can get a glimpse of the outline of the nature, scale and schedule of the store. Showcase in some store general were for sale must not 'trying to sell '. Because it is a symbol of the store's credibility. At present, some foreign stores basically use name matching as the premise of showcase design as a means to solicit business. Second, the replacement frequency is high. People often regard commercial display cabinets as the eyes of social consumption psychology. Through it, we can get a glimpse of the latest information of social consumption, and the replacement frequency of showcase goods should be consistent with the development of social production and the psychological changes of customers. However, the tactile nerve of some commercial display cabinets is very slow, and some have become 'semi-permanent projects', which take about half a year or more to be replaced once. No change, no new ideas, no attraction. Foreign businessmen compared the display cabinet with the headline of the newspaper. It means that it is the first victory to stop the customers who come and go in a hurry with a striking 'title; Let the exquisite content of the showcase stimulate the desire to buy, so that customers can enter your store, this is the second step of victory. Then there's the salesperson's' Courtesy and smile ', make the goods sold, and finally' send out the store ', leaving a beautiful memory of' Come Again. So, how can the design of commercial display cabinets gain aesthetic feeling? First of all, it must follow the principle of 'Beauty is typical. Typical refers to the typical style, color and texture of the goods in the showcase, and also refers to the typical fashion model. This means that these typical commodities represent the essence of today's similar products, and only when they generate emotional exchanges can they stimulate potential purchasing desires. A knowledgeable manager will put the packaging of goods and the design of display cabinets in a very important position. For example, a very fashionable suit is worn on a very ugly model. The limbs of the model are out of proportion, the hair is as messy as a chicken coop, the mouth is as red as a blood basin, and the appearance is very ugly, then this suit is like 'flowers are inserted in cow dung', which violates the principle of 'Beauty is typical. On the contrary, a model with a well-proportioned figure and a smile on his eyes, wearing a suit that is not matched in color, texture and style, and a pair of Chaplin-style leather shoes on his feet, that is not aesthetic but funny. As you can see in your life, it has already been Xu Niang, and it is still red and dyed green. Even if the Swan swallowtail, the human body and the dress cannot be harmonious, and it does not constitute the 'typical' beauty in people's minds. Therefore, from the modeling of models to the line color of clothing, from the texture of clothing to the age and gender of models, all should conform to the traditions and habits of national culture, the image of 'Beauty is typical' that constitutes the showcase.

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