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Promote Your Business Using Leaflet Display Stands

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-15
Leaflet display stands are an excellent resource when trying to promote your business or getting information across to your clientele. There are various methods of distributing leaflets; posting to potential customers, hand distributed in town centres and shopping malls or stuck under car windscreen wipers - but think about the leaflet display stand which offers a constant display in a variety of strategic locations. Choosing high traffic areas in locations potential customers frequent keeps the promotion in front of their eye when they are in a receptive mind frame for your goods or services; one of the most common examples being tradesmen advertising in DIY stores. You might be placing your leaflet in a communal stand provided by the outlet or in your own point of sale stand. The design of your leaflet warrants careful consideration. Too much information will detract from the message enticing the reader to use your service or purchase your goods. Visuals are a fantastic tool for portraying a product or service but make sure they are relevant and avoid too much visual clutter, such as backgrounds and borders, which will distract the reader and dilute the message. Carefully chosen text is just as powerful a tool, think of power words, bullet points and enticers such as set period discounts which are not only persuasive but are a useful gauge for monitoring the performance of the leaflet as an advertising tool. Don't neglect the reverse of your leaflet which is often left blank but could show a map of your location. Ensure all information is correct and relevant and flows with clarity and simplicity towards the objective. Always have your copy checked; nothing detracts from the quality of your business quite like spelling mistakes! The size of leaflet will determine how much information you can display, how much text, how many visuals and the size of that all important eye catching headline that makes your leaflet stand out from the competition and grabs their attention. Not forgetting, of course, your contact details, the order form or website that you are promoting. Common leaflet sizes are DL, A6, A5, A4 and tri fold. Explore your options for bringing your creation into being. The range of possibilities from laptop to expert publishers covers a range of price tags too, but the final product may not be as expensive as you expect - a shabby pamphlet will be immediately overlooked so time spent looking for value for money and a superior finish will be time well spent. Placing your leaflet at eye level in the leaflet display stand obviously maximises visibility and making yours slightly taller or die cutting the top edge to a relevant shape or company logo will help to ensure it stands out in the crowd. Alternatively consider individual displays or full face pocket displays which maximise full face visibility. Finally, leaflet display stands should be well lit and easily accessible to ensure that your target audience are encouraged to take that well designed leaflet!
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