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QSR Technology And Understanding It

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-14
QSR technology. QSR technology is one of the fast growing sectors within the advertising market, such to recent changes in the US food labelling market. Understanding QSR technology is essential to realise how it can help your QSR. What is QSR technology? QSR technology comprised of a visual display for the consumers to see what items are for sale, coupled to a device that holds the advertisements for the menu items. The larger the better, this makes the image of the food and the description larger and clearer, tempting you to buy it. There are two types of QSR technology, the first is for indoor use and the other is for outdoor use, the outdoor QSR technology, is usually an external kiosk that displays the menu and when you drive up to the menu it breaks a beam and a member of the counter staff asks you for your order, you order is taken and then you are directed to pay, after paying you then collect your chosen food. The indoor solution is similar, however it varies in that you are presented with information in the queue so you have a chance to select the food you want then when you are at the checkout you give your selection to the counter staff and then pay, reducing human contact, increasing profits and making the experience a more pleasurable one, this will result in returning customers. Deploying QSR technology. QSR's or (Quick Serve Restaurants) are deploying QSR technology so that they are positioned ahead of their competition, this way the experience is seen through consumers who experience a faster and more efficient service. So what does a normal installation consist of? Well the technology can be in a range of different solutions and really depends on the budget of the restaurant owner. The budget entry QSR technology uses domestic grade screens in a protective LCD display enclosure, the enclosure accommodates both the screen and media player and protects the hardware from grease and grime from within the restaurant. The intermediate solution is a digital poster or digital menu board that has a standalone media player, these are sealed and designed for indoor use in restaurants, so the hardware inside the case is protected, the draw back can be updating the media player manually. The most common solution is the networked digital menu board, this has a commercial grade screen with a media player that is updated using an Internet connection, so ideal for single outlets that offers a range of daily specials or multiple outlets that change content regularly.
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