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Renewal of design concept of display cabinet

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-26

The advantages of display cabinet manufacturing industry in coastal areas are weakening day by day. Since the reform and opening up, Guangdong, which is located in coastal areas, has won the first chance of development by undertaking the display cabinet industry in Hong Kong and Taiwan. From output value to quality, it has dominated the jianghu for decades, forming a complete display cabinet industry chain and owning the display cabinet capital--Houjie, export town--Dalingshan, the capital of display cabinet business--Lecong, the material capital of display cabinets--Longjiang and so on. However, with the emergence of display cabinets in Guangzhou, the display cabinet industry of Chinese shopkeepers and Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan has been constantly exerting its strength, the display cabinet industry of central China has been catching up, and the vast number of shopkeepers have moved inward, it is incumbent on the store owner to have the status of 'leading old' in the industry. Years before wide the owner ju ye output value accounted for the world of 70%, of the world have second. According to the figures released by the relevant part of Guangdong at the end of last year, at present, the output value of the wide shop owner industry has fallen to a low point. As a pilot area of reform and opening up, the Pearl River Delta started early in development. With its generous investment policy and low land cost, it has attracted a large number of investment projects around the world and has become a hot spot for resource investment, because of its many opportunities to choose a job, it has become a paradise for migrant workers. However, in recent years, these advantages are weakening day by day. Due to the rough development mode in the late period, no good plan has been formed. Now in the Pearl River Delta, where every inch of land and every inch of gold, it was once difficult for enterprises to expand in situ. Take Longjiang town as an example. At present, the land is very tight. The vast and large-scale display cabinet enterprises, such as Roland and Lixing, have moved out of Longjiang due to land constraints, only retaining the original display cabinets and marketing. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises with rapid development have no strength to build their own factories, so they have to rent small factories around them. An enterprise with an output value of less than 50 million yuan has countless factories, which is very inconvenient to handle uniformly and greatly increases the cost of handling. In addition to land, the shortage of electricity is also a big suspicion. Every peak period of electricity, the Pearl River Delta region will issue a power limit policy, and enterprises must bring their own power generation equipment to maintain normal consumption. Secondly, with the rapid development of the mainland, the increase of the opportunity to choose a job, and the artificial remuneration is no worse than that of the coastal areas and it is convenient to take care of the family, there are fewer and fewer workers going south in the mainland, in the past, coastal areas with sufficient human resources were facing the tense shortage of work. In addition, the industry chain has always been the biggest advantage of the industry, but it is also facing the problem. Taking coating enterprises as an example, Shunde is known as the hometown of coating, but due to the large pollution, it has been regarded as an industry for policy transfer and moved to the receiving area within a time limit. The boss of a paint company will suffer, so that the service cost and transportation cost of their paint company will be greatly increased, and the original quick service advantage will be greatly deducted.

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