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Retail Displays to Boost Your Window's Appeal

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-12
Never has a window display been as important as it is today. You only have to listen to the news for a few minutes to hear that the retail sector isn't doing as well as a few years ago. So what can the average business owner do to help drum up more business? It's quite simple really, use your window display as a stage to say what you do and to look so inviting the general public won't be able to resist taking a peek in to your establishment. It is important to take time to plan the how you want your window display to look, what you want it to accomplish, and how much you are willing to spend. It might be worth sketching your display ideas on to a piece of paper until you have something that you are happy with. The it will be easy to see how many display items you need and how much you will spend. If however you are unsure on exactly what you want to do talk to a professional. This might seem an expensive option but generally display manufacturers don't charge for the design, so all you will pay for is the materials and labour. Here are a few of our favorite retail display choices, ranging from the inexpensive to full blown budget busters! Acrylic Cubes - Available in a range of different sizes, colours and security levels. Acrylic is light weight and easy to look after, simply use a damp cloth to dust it. Why not simply stack different coloured acrylic cubes on top of each other to create a bright and eye catching display, then slot your products, posters, menus into/onto the cube. Acrylic Display Cubes are relatively inexpensive and readily available from most display manufacturers. Shelving (Acrylic or Glass) - Are normally suspended between cables or rods from the floor to the ceiling. These allow many products to be displayed safely. Remember, cables and rods are only as strong as the ceiling that they are fitted to. Light Panels - This is the latest in display technology. Using energy efficient LED bulbs, the Light Panel evenly illuminates any graphic slotted into it. You might consider this product to be out of your budget, but it is important to note that although expensive, these Light Panels have an expected display life of between 7-10 years, ensuring that it will last the life of the window display. LED's are also a lot more energy efficient than standard filament bulbs, therefore they are perfectly safe to leave on for a 24 hour period, guaranteeing your display is seen all day every day. Lighting - There is no point in making the worlds most beautiful window display if it can only be see on a sunny day. To guarantee that your display will be seen by as many people as possible make sure that it is well lit. There are many different choices in display lighting on the market, ranging from small spotlights to statement chandeliers. Most retail displays can have lighting added to it, so if you are thinking of installing Shelving, ask your supplier what lighting choices are available. Often, if cable or rods are involved in your display all that is needed to power lighting is a transformer, which means there are no ugly cables to worry about. Obviously, if you decide on a product like Light Panels, then there is no need to worry about lighting.
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