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Role of Cosmetic Packaging in Driving Sales

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-11
The cosmetics industry achieved stupendous growth within a short span of time and is now a multi-billion dollar industry. And it would continue to grow as long as people are ready to spend a fortune to look their best. Realizing the potential in the cosmetics industry, more and more players are now joining the cosmetics bandwagon to get a slice of an ever-growing pie. The result of which is large number of brands and twice the number of cosmetic products in both hair care and skin care. Every day the customers are introduced to new and innovative products thus making the task of choosing the right cosmetic product a difficult prospect. In such a scenario, a lot depends on how the products are presented to gain customer attention. A badly presented cosmetic product can be an eye sore and no customer would care to buy such a product even if it is a quality product. In order to make the products find their way from the store shelves to the baskets of the customers, a lot of attention should be given to the packaging. Today thousands of skin care and hair care products from hundreds of brands greets shoppers through advertisements and billboards. Companies spend millions on advertisements and other marketing campaigns to grab the attention of the customers. However, the fact of the matter is that once inside the store it is not the advertisements but the packaging that acts as the final trigger. Packaging is a silent salesperson that helps the shopper in understanding what the product is all about in split second. And if the 'salesperson' turns out to be indolent i.e. if the packaging of the product fails to make an impression then it loses out in the race of gaining customer attention. Today's shoppers are more time pressured and therefore do not have time to pick and choose. As they navigate through the store with hundreds of products staring at them waiting to be picked, their attention falls only on those products that stand out from the rest. Cosmetic packaging influences not only new shoppers but existing users as well. Normally existing users or the default shoppers are mainly those who have made up their mind on the brand to be bought before they even enter the store. However, if the packaging of the product is not up to the taste of the shoppers or if the packaging is not distinctive enough to make it easily findable in the midst of hundreds of other products, then it opens up the chances of other brands. Hence, cosmetic manufacturers must pay more attention to cosmetic packaging as it has a role to play not only in luring new customers but also in maintaining existing customers. They should focus on making their packaging trendy as well as usable. For instance, they should use containers that not only looks stylish but also dispenses contents easily such as trigger sprayers, tottles, fine mist sprayers and so on.
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