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Share cosmetic display cabinet design program explanation

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-23

Everyone has his own pursuit. There are many things in the world, but not everyone needs them. The same is true of the common procedures for designing cosmetic display cabinets. What merchants want to know is that today's small edition of Guoming shelf will have a good talk!

The editor summarized the design procedures of cosmetic display cabinets for everyone to consult:

1. Preliminary Data survey and positioning stage: Before design, the direction and goal of the design should be set. It is necessary to know the involved field, content, purpose, function, specific object, nature, form, surrounding environment, scale, cost, etc.

2. Art design stage: cosmetic display counter design art is also called 'Schema Design ', it is the process that designers use creative thinking to transform the image drawing materials they have mastered into visual expression of images, and it is also the process of forming, approving and implementing design schemes, including plane layout diagrams and effect drawings.

3. Technical Design stage: when the design scheme has passed the demonstration, approval and decision, the technical expression form can be adopted to further state the design intention, that is, drawing drawings, as a blueprint for construction production. Its specific content includes drawing data size plan, circuit diagram, production process diagram and other designed construction drawings.

4. Implementation of construction and production supervision stage: with the previous stages, the construction plan of cosmetic display cabinets can be implemented, and quality supervision should be carried out during the construction and production process.

The cosmetic display cabinet design program is a plan to purposefully implement the design, and a scientific design method to simulate the development in chronological order.

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