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Should You Buy Over The Counter Anti Aging Products

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-07
Hundreds of wrinkle face creams adorn the shelves of countless beauty stores. They boast of vitamins, green tea, seaweed, herbs, and many more. They look so attractive in their sophisticated jars and labels mentioning unpronounceable compounds that people get impressed by the complexity and buy the cream. Is this the recommended wrinkle cream for you? OTC skin products It is believed that you can treat wrinkled skin with over-the-counter (OTC) skin products. They target anti aging caused by sun damage and natural skin aging that leads to sagging, drier, and thinner skin. People happily buy the creams in bulk and continue to slather until they notice not much happening. The thing is that these OTC creams work superficially. They may temporarily hide the wrinkles and make your skin look nice. As you continue to use them, it seems as if the progress has halted and the skin again starts losing its sheen. Remember, OTC skin creams are cosmetics. The Food and Drug Administration does not analyze cosmetics. This body is meant to check food and drugs only. So, chances are higher that over-the-counter skin products do not contain FDA-approved wrinkle cream ingredients. Usually, the creams contain derivatives of vitamins, a few herbs, oils, and fragrances that make your skin appear good on the surface. Inside, it is still aging. Tricky labels A typical skin cream's label may consist of various scientifically-sounding and complex words. Do you know it is just an example of perfect copyediting? If you decode the complex words, you would find that the cream hardly contains anything useful, except for some moisturizing agents and exfoliants. That is why they render a glow on your face initially, but as you use it for longer, you hardly notice a difference in your skin. A cream that alters the structure of your skin is not a cosmetic but a drug. By rule, cosmetics cannot interfere with the natural mechanism of the skin or body. They are only for enhancing aesthetic beauty. If the cream contains any ingredient that repairs or modifies the working of the skin, the FDA first needs to approve it. They do this by clinically testing the ingredients. Only such creams can guarantee effectiveness. One such example is Hydroxatone, which contains clinically-tested ingredients. Try the Hydroxatone free trial and see the difference for yourself. If you buy any cream without a doctor's prescription, it is at your own risk. Creams are checked for their safety, of course, but not for their effectiveness. Moreover, not all creams work for everybody. However, a dermatologist's recommended wrinkle cream is high in safety and effectiveness. He or she would also recommend products according to your skin type. It is highly likely that the cream contains scientific ingredients that have undergone clinical trials for their efficacy. Such creams work from within the skin. This is the reason why they display a wide range of efficiency. For example, clinically-tested ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid or peptides, work on all skin types because these are present in the skin itself. They induce the skin to rejuvenate its cells and normalize its natural mechanism of keeping the surface healthy. It is your choice. Do you want just a cosmetic or a cream that has the nod of doctors and the FDA? A recommended wrinkle cream is risk free, while an OTC product comes with its gray areas.
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