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Smile Beauty Toronto Cosmetic Dentists in Etobicoke

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-06
The Magic of a Smile Imagine that magic moment... A stunningly beautiful person enters into a room and time seems to stand still for a moment. People stop mid-conversation to check them out. Like everyone else in the room, you turn your head and quickly size them up with a glance. That glance can speak volumes face, hair, clothes, shoes, and definitely the smile. Thanks to our biologic programming, each of us is capable of judging beauty in a microsecond. A face and smile serve as a billboard to the world announcing our physical attributes. How about your smile? Does it reflect your vitality in an attractive manner? Smile Beauty - Art of Cosmetic Dentistry As a Toronto Cosmetic Dentist for over 20 years I've long considered myself a Smile Artist. Cosmetic Dentistry is a topic I love. It touches upon aspects of beauty that are deeply personal. Smiles are intimate and sensual. 'Smile Beauty' is a guiding philosophy to providing beautiful dentistry. It's an art as much as a science. Knowing what to add or remove, what to reveal or conceal. The beauty of people is very different from the inanimate beauty of a painting or sculpture. The beauty of a body, face or smile is vibrant, alive, intoxicating. We're captivated and drawn to this living beauty. It has the power to invoke that unmistakable flame of attraction and desire. Whether it's fair or not, life is an ongoing contest with beauty as one of the main criteria. Beautiful people have a HUGE advantage and are given far more attention and rewards. Beauty has always been a desirable attribute. A beautiful smile is a powerful component of that. The wonderful thing about Cosmetic Dentistry is that Smile Beauty - once so rare and precious - has become widely accessible to so many more people. As a Cosmetic Dentist, I wield the power to transform smiles. That's the magic of Cosmetic Dentistry. Smile Beauty is a means to many things... As a cosmetic dentist, I can attest that a beautiful smile offers many benefits. Smile Beauty Benefit #1 Improve your chances of attracting that perfect mate. Smile Beauty Benefit #2 Feeling good about yourself and that confidence that being attractive brings. Smile Beauty Benefit #3 Experiencing the certainty of knowing you're attractive, along with the uncertainty and excitement of romance and allure. Smile Beauty Benefit #4 Having a sense of being significant and admired by others. Smile Beauty Benefit #5 Enjoy more love and connection in your life. Smile Beauty Benefit #6 Staying hopeful and optimistic about your future and the adventures that await you. Cosmetic Dentistry Enhances Smile Beauty Everyone appreciates the positive attention of being liked, respected and admired. We all want to be honoured and cherished. We're social creatures - we want to mix and mingle, feel the magic, the romance, the connection. As a Toronto Cosmetic Dentist, I can tell you that one sure-fire way to get more positive attention is to make yourself more attractive. There are many ways you can do that, but where to start - hair, skin, clothes, makeup? Your choices can seem overwhelming. There's one easy step that can have a dramatic rejuvenating effect on your appearance... enhancing your smile. Cosmetic Dentistry can take years off how your look. 'Beauty is power - a smile its sword.' English novelist Charles Reade wrote that quote over a century ago. There's an edgy, love-is-a-battlefield tone to his words. Perhaps he wasn't so lucky at love. One thing is for sure, in just one sentence he managed to capture the incredible power a beautiful smile has over people. An even, white smile can communicate cleanliness, vitality and a friendly, trustworthy personality. Anyone into the dating scene knows a drop-dead gorgeous smile is like having the ultimate pickup line. The bottom line: A dazzling, confident smile can have a tremendous affect on your personal, social and business relationships. Craving for Smile Beauty In recent years, the combination of Hollywood glamour and the amazing advances in Cosmetic Dentistry has raised the standards for smiles. What was once normal, reasonable and age appropriate, no longer seems anywhere close to par. People everywhere put more emphasis on Smile Beauty and are more willing to consider their options for aesthetic enhancement. Nowadays, people yearn for a dazzling smile that is youthful and radiant.For those who appreciate status, nothing speaks of success like an impeccably dressed, well-toned body and a drop-dead gorgeous smile. For those who spend their careers in the public eye, a terrific smile may be considered an essential tool of their trade. People feel that a Smile Makeover is now every bit as important as buying nice clothes or having your hair styled. We want to look good, feel good and enjoy our life while we can.Cosmetic Dentistry has become mainstream, and services such as Teeth Whitening have become almost automatic these days. The last thing anybody wants is to have a faded, old-looking smile.
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