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Stand Out in The Sea of Exhibitors

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-06-04
Exhibitions are a highly competitive place to attract new customers as you will generally exhibit where there are a vast amount of similar businesses all competing for the same customer. Not only this but with the investment for exhibiting at an all time high, it pays to plan your stand long before the exhibit comes around, this is where the real work begins. There are plenty of ways to make the most of the exhibition stand and attract as many new customers as possible. Below are some effective ideas for exhibitions which may work for your business... Looking the Part... A striking exhibition stand will attract people without doubt, especially if it has an eye catching design. Getting the most out of your exhibition stand is mostly down to the type of equipment you use to display your brand. A few of the popular items are: Roller Banners: A roller banner is a great option for creating a free standing display with the minimum of fuss and ours come with a carry case too, which means more time to concentrate on other things rather than lugging around heavy equipment. These are cheap too! Modular Exhibition Stand: These are certainly the future for exhibiting. They are highly portable and once you've laid out the initial cost they are so easy to transport to every exhibition you attend. You should have a look at the UniBanner Pod, UniBanner Cube or the UniBanner 360 modular exhibition stands as these are by far the best modular exhibition stands we've come across. Enticing Your Customers... Your exhibit needs to entice your customers to it and make them stay a little longer. This can be done in so many ways. Although it's important to have a professional exhibition stand and a clear message, to really attract the attention of visitors you shouldn't be afraid of trying something different. You could consider using visual displays on flat screen TVs. Another great way is doing exhibit only offers which would enable you to engage with the customer and make extra sales on the day. One other option to entice your customer is to offer a prize draw as part of your display. Prize draws will not only bring the customer over to the stand but it will also give you the opportunity to collect useful information from them for example, you could leave a bowl for customers to leave their business card in. Everyone Loves a Freebie... Yes, freebies aren't free to you but they are a great way of people remembering you. The best freebies are those which have your business name on. People will always fill their boots with promotional material and then have it lying around on the desk for the next year and when it comes to wanting something you sell, your name will be sat in front of them. From pens to stress balls to mouse mats to USB sticks which are always a good choice. One thing to remember... Make sure your freebies are on show on your exhibition stand. Maybe it's time to demonstrate... Including a demonstration area where you can actually show visitors how your products work can draw a crowd and sense of excitement around your exhibition stand. You can ask visitors to take part in the presentation and give them free samples for taking part. You can discuss your product and answer the audience's questions as you go through your demonstration. Be great to know your thoughts and any other tips and tricks you may have to offer??
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