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The difference between display cabinets, display stands and display stands is extraordinary

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-25

The Display Cabinet industry is a relatively close industry to life, so some words in this industry are relatively popular and not strictly defined, therefore, some novices who have just entered the line do not have a clear understanding of the display cabinet, display stand and display stand. They do not know where they are. In fact, the three can be distinguished from the use and technology.

Display cabinets are used in clothing stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, cosmetics stores, jewelry stores, jewelry stores, digital stores and other fixed business places, because of its size and weight, it is generally fixed in the storefront to display goods. The display cabinets are generally made of wood paint, and the requirements for the process are relatively high, in particular, the display cabinets of jewelry stores need high-quality display cabinets to perfectly show the high-end fashion of jewelry. Of course, its price is also more expensive than the display stand and display stand.

The exhibition stand is commonly used in some exhibitions and advertising planning activities. It is a relatively simple counter. The booth is flexible and needs to be moved frequently, therefore, the Booth cannot be compared with the showcase in size and weight, but the production process and price are not necessarily lower than the showcase, because this should be considered comprehensively in combination with the specific structure and production process of the booth.

The last thing to say is the display stand. From the name point of view, the display stand focuses on 'stand', that is, a display stand. The display stand is actually far from the display cabinet. It is a simple shelf composed of iron pipes. The manufacturing process and price cannot be compared with the display cabinet. However, with the development of the display industry, some open display cabinets will assemble display stands, so the display cabinets and display stands become one at this time, so there is no need to strictly distinguish them, and if you want a separate clothing display stand, just go to the clothing display store to buy the finished product.

whether your store needs a display cabinet or a display stand or a display stand should be selected according to your actual situation. Never buy a display cabinet and buy a display stand.

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