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The difference between Showcase and furniture

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-27

The size of the times and the height difference have changed, and the combination form is lively. On the contrary, small pieces are not used in small pieces. The space occupied is the largest platform volume, making full use of the internal space of large cabinets, reduce storage or transportation space. Special Special showcase-- Some special display cases in museum exhibits and other exhibits are only applicable to display cases and are not suitable for other exhibits. Some people often compare homework furniture with display cabinets, which are classified as homework furniture. It is generally felt that the price of a high-grade paint work table imitating mahogany is so cheap, and the price of a display cabinet with less materials is several times that of the work table, which is incomprehensible.

differences between display cabinets and work Furniture: Display cabinets are distinguished by materials and can be divided into wooden display cabinets and aluminum alloy (Titanium alloy)Showcase; Wooden display cabinets are divided into fire-proof board veneer display cabinets and paint process Display cabinets by manufacturing technology. The paint craft showcase is made of solid wood paint. The style is advanced, elegant and beautiful, but the price will be slightly higher. The fireproof board veneer showcase belongs to the mid-range showcase, which has many characteristics of the paint showcase in the style. However, due to the raw materials themselves, there will be many constraints in the manufacturing process, for example, many local arc functions can not be done, and the style will be marked with a certain buckle; Aluminum Alloy (Titanium alloy) Showcases are also called glass alloy showcases, which can be classified into aluminum alloy showcases and titanium alloy showcases according to Metal Materials. The styles of the two are not much different, and titanium alloy showcases are classified as high-grade alloys.

parts dismantling type since the 21st century, a large number of parts have emerged. The gold jewelry boxes that can be divided and assembled can be divided into two categories: they are made up of pipe fittings and pipe fittings, the other is to put together pipe fittings and plates or plates.

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