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The Different Interactive Units of Internet Marketing

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-31
The name Internet marketing is fully descriptive of the business because it refers to marketing of products or services via the comparatively novel medium of Internet. However, the term Internet marketing is a multi-colored patch work beach umbrella, which combines in it direct selling, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, sale of advertising space, electronic publishing, search engine marketing, and many related phenomena. Each of these can be an income generating business pattern in isolation or it may work as parts of a larger Internet business transaction. Direct selling is face-to-face selling of a company's products without going through retail outlets. The seller of the product will be a representative of the manufacturer and will sell the product for a commission. While direct selling is a very conventional business transaction, it has found its place in Internet marketing also. Manufacturing companies now provide web sites that the representatives can use for a monthly fee. Using this, representatives can take their goods directly to customers as in the case of face-to-face sales. Ecommerce means the selling of products or services by carrying out transactions over electronic systems. Supply chain management, which consists of taking products to end-users, is a part of ecommerce. Electronic data transfer and electronic fund transfer and other allied business related operations through electronic systems are also part of ecommerce. Affiliate marketing is an online business model where an independent third party sells the products or services developed by a manufacturer. This Internet marketing model provides an income for lots of affiliate marketers and also increases the profit of the product developer. Buying and selling of advertising space on the Internet helps the seller of the space to make money. The buyer of the space is benefited by the increased sales generated by the banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, and interactive media ads that take the information pretty fast to all corners of the globe. Electronic publishing, which is another form of Internet marketing, is the digital publishing of books and journals either for sale or for promotion of websites or products. Search engine marketing is a facet of Internet marketing geared for increasing the visibility of the web sites so that they get a good ranking in search engine results. Several advertising methods, the most common of which is pay per click method, is used for search engine marketing. It is not possible for Internet based businesses to survive without proper search engine marketing of their websites. Perhaps the most powerful face of Internet marketing is eBay marketplace where virtually everything can be bought and sold online. No store or shop anywhere in the world will be able to display such a large array of goods of diverse category at one place. Agreed, the goods are not located physically at one place, but customers shop and buy everything sitting on his couch. Because of the electronic fund transfer system, buyers and sellers do not even have to handle cash, or make inventories or write invoices. Internet marketing is taking people to the new world without pens, pencils, and papers.
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