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The Innovative LCD Advertising Poster For The

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-29
Digital signage is touching every small business in some shape or form, this type of advertising medium lets the business to interact with the purchaser without them having to deal with the hard sell from a salesman. This is why a visit to the local car car lot has reverted to using digital signage for potential consumers to find what their next possible automobile could be and more importantly how much it will cost without having to ask a salesman, putting the customer in total control. How many times have you been in the hair salon and when you go to the cash desk the hairdresser tries to sell the shampoo, conditioning, hair spray or even straightening wax, did this put you off going back, knowing there could be a probable hard sell? Well most people will have experienced a similar dilemma, but not any more. A digital poster at different spots in a dealership will make it possible for families to check out the cars in privacy, so they can check their inside of the vehicles making sure they can afford the purchase, knowing they have a solid and reliable vehicle to take the kids to school. Most car makers have very deep pockets when they are advertising vehicles so the best option is for dealerships is to ask for the subject matter to be supplied to them so they just add it to the electronic poster. Here the adverts or advertising campaigns is saved on a storage device that when inserted into the poster the ads are shown, using audio, pictures and video in the pesentation. A good basic illustration the digital poster could have a road condition feed, showing if the weather would turn to rain or snow, and then highlight the low price of the replacement tires for a vehicle in the car dealership. The same can be accomplished at a beauty spa salon, a good instance would be whilst someone is having their gel nails redesigned, the digital poster can produce ads for when the design or nails gets chipped, providing ideas on repairing them but also marketing in-store goods, this type of advertising is very productive and makes sure that your clients are informed as well as entertained when they have a therapy, is this something your competition are doing? Now far removed from the glitz and glamour of beauty and hair spas, LCD posters are being used in quick serve eateries in the Britain, one chain in particular are deploying 42' digital posters that display the menu and drinks they offer to clients, so that they can make an knowledgeable choice before they get to the counter. This fish and chip shop chain have observed that by marketing the fish of the day they sell an extra 14% raising profits significantly as these fish are plentiful and therefore cost less to buy from the wholesale fish market. By controlling the menu in a digital format lets the franchise owners to customise their menu to some degree. For instance if a pie supplier delivers them a range of steak and onion pies due to an over make they can add the details in the morning as they take delivery and at lunch time be selling them to the keen clients. In the USA the quick serve restaurant industry is seeing a big change, as all the menus have to include nutritional data about each item - any outlet who does not comply will be fined. The cheapest way to comply with this law is to use digital posters, these are the same as a digital poster and will certainly cost less than printed menus that once published cannot be edited.
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