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The Many Advantages of Dental Implant

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-29
So far dental implant is one of the most visually appealing methods of recovering a missing tooth.A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is used to replace a missing tooth. Basically an implant is made up of a root and a crown. The root or base is made from titanium and is directly attached to the jawbone. The crown resembles a real tooth, it is attached to the implant and is usually made from porcelain. The advantage with dental implant is that it appears as real as the other existing teeth. This is because the base of the crown is embedded on the gums and seems to be its natural outgrowth. With dental implant, the other teeth are not involved because it can stand alone, in contrast to a dental bridge where the two teeth beside the missing tooth or teeth are used as anchor for the dental bridge. Of course these two adjacent teeth will be exposed to some stress as they support the dental bridge. Dental implants are also more comfortable than dentures because they are permanent and secured, while dentures have the tendency to move while you are conversing and while you are eating. There's even a possibility that it can be dislodged out of the mouth while gurgling or if it's a single denture there's the likelihood that it can be swallowed while eating or while asleep. For those people who have been wearing dentures for quite a long time now, it's now time to replace it with dental implants which apart from being more convenient to wear, it is definitely more visually pleasing. The dental implant procedure The titanium implant is fused to the jawbone via surgery. A periodontist or gum specialist usually undertakes this procedure. In the first part of the procedure, the titanium implant will be fused on the area of the jawbone where the tooth is lacking. Then the jawbone around it, will be allowed to grow around the implant. The process of osseointegration occurs for a span from two to six months. Some gum inflammation and pain can be felt after the surgery; this can be remedied by taking anti inflammatory medications and pain relievers. To facilitate healing, prevent unnecessary pressures on the mouth; eat only easy to chew foods and warm soups. The second stage of the procedure is the attachment of an abutment in the implant; this should be undertaken only after osseointegration had already occured. The abutment will link the implant to the crown. The cosmetic dentist or periodontist ensures that the shade, shape and appearance of the crown match the existing teeth, so it will appear as normal as these other teeth. The second stage of the procedure is the attachment of an abutment in the titanium implant; this should be performed only after osseointegration had already happened. It is like a post where the crown will be affixed. The crown is specially fashioned to resemble the remaining teeth. One requirement for a successful implant is healthy and robust jaw bone, especially the area of the bone where the implant will be embedded. A dense and strong bone will facilitate osseointegration of the implant and will prevent the implant from shifting. Cigarette smokers have a very little possibility for a successful teeth implant. Thus, if you truly desire to have implants, it is best that you stop smoking first otherwise you'll just be losing your money as this treatment is quite pricey.Thus, cosmetic dentists do not recommend this to smokers, but if they do wish to have implants then they must give up smoking first, so that they will not be losing money as this treatment is expensive. Overall, the benefits of dental implant far outweigh the cost given that your jawbones are healthy and you practice proper dental hygiene.
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