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The Nice Winter With The Elegant Cambridge Satchel

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-28
Girls like to watch movies in Europe must not forget the ancient palace where Princess Baroness who wear those gorgeous big Cambridge Satchel, hat has been take to your shoulders, a look back every filling every movement style. This fantasy scene for a long time, it is better to try one yourself, of all things pure white in the winter, let your big round hat decorated with some fresh mood to it, be careful not to be fascinated by their own Oh! Sense of an elegant and cool, if you want to mix and match, so mix and match. This is a lady's hat in the circle so resolutely with a full sense of cool, look good and so harmonious in color relative to echo with leather pants, add a little for such a rebellious feminine. Motorcycle bag casual atmosphere, leather pants and bat shirt is the perfect partner. This girl likes to play the color game, if not the convergence circle hat, dark shoes probably will not be very eye-catching, the whole body will lose their luster. Casual and fine large round neck sweater shirt done a very good complementary bag of choice is also very interesting, yet handsome texture. Elegant round hat, a large elegant robe, a elegant appearance. Earth colors are the most low-key elegance, full texture and meaning. Bags and high-heeled leather color to brighten the lot for the whole body. Tall graceful girl born fashion spokesperson, shorts, and black silk neat, right, black suit, white shirt and bow tie lace like a clever and sexy career woman, very resort-style in a round straw hat and a good tough body, pull the hair at the side of the display of the feminine also. Retro to the extreme when the play is like, extremely exaggerated retro big round sunglasses, and feathers stuck in the full sense of the British royal UGG BOOTS circle hat, the fire looks so unassuming and wanton lips, I love retro, love to the extreme , chain bags will not let you have the courage to do such an extreme? Cute princess hat and the same circular ramp princess lace dress texture and delicate, with outrageous eye makeup and red lips, her dress like a spoiled princess, of course, this time not less luxurious lace socks and buckle shoes, this is a sign of Princess distinguished characteristics. The most casual of casual wear for everyday travel, as long as a comfortable underwear, shoes, hats every day on the package you can do to change the style of the same shape change, easily changeable. Can not fail to catch the next incoming retro fashion, retro bags and boots, and a simple round hat, is a new LOOK! With the nature of a large cloak itself is nothing can not be replaced, the gas field is also invincible, this time to a similarly powerful aura of Dayan Mao, is not to be shocked by their own? Pants in this casual lace with fine writing and a circular pocket wrapped in a black color to add color. White fur coat and white rendering of Cambridge Satchel in the winter in the Eau will be for you to grab the lens, dark pants and bright red lips very good echo, this time round plus a black hat just right, both with black boots echoed , but also a good upgrade gas field. Little witch Jingxian street, fashion was a beautiful little witch ugg boots. Whole body like a magical world out from the general, elegant circle here would also like a small hat witch hat, big glasses Spectral Essence is more strange is to strengthen this vision. Although it is a black, short fur jacket and high waist skirt pulled up while the waist, waterproof high-heeled shoes also lengthen the leg curve, cute yet sexy, enchanting, how pleasant the little witch.
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