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The Perfect Nose For a Perfect You

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-05-28
Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a nose job is the process of permanently improving the structure of the nose by means of plastic surgery. In this surgery, the bones and cartilages of the nose are reshaped to give a perfect shape to the nose that blends well with the patient's face. The surgery is also used to improve the functioning of the nose like opening any blocked passages and correcting breathing problems. The nose surgery is performed keeping both aspects in minds- cosmetic and functional. A nose is arguably the most distinguished feature of the face. A light alteration in its structure can change the appearance of a person to a considerable extent. This is why a nose surgery is considered as one of the toughest of all cosmetic surgery procedures. When an individual plans to undergo a nose surgery, his/her choice of a qualified surgeon is extremely important. The surgeon should have considerable experience in operating a nose. At the first instance, the surgeon examines the structure of the patient's nose, internally as well as externally. He then analyses the patient's expectation from the surgery and helps him/her to set some realistic goals so that he/she is happy after the surgery. There is no ideal in Rhinoplasty. A certain shape may look good on someone's face, but the same structure may not suit on some other's face. The aim of a nose surgery is to give a structure to the nose that harmoniously blends with the face and not stand out independently. The patient should be able to distinguish between improvement and perfection in case of a nose job. A slight improvement can give him/her an enhanced look whereas a craving for perfection can leave him/her with repeated surgeries that may result in permanent deformities. A nose surgery is considered a reconstructive surgery when it is performed to improve the functioning of the nose. Although the distinction between a cosmetic and a functional surgery is vague in case of a nose job since a good surgery considers both appearance and breathing, there are patients who undergo the surgery only to improve the breathing function, etc and do not want any changes in nasal contours. This type of surgery is all known as Functional Rhinoplasty. In case of any surgery, the ultimate goal is the satisfaction of the patient, though it may take quite some time to achieve this satisfaction due to post surgery recovery. The exact shape of the nose may be difficult to determine due to the swellings after the surgery which take time to heal. Patients usually resume work after a week or so and completely recover within a month.
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