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The principle of display cabinet display from the overall consideration of display

by:MEI JIA Display     2020-02-26
The showcase highlights the continuous and whole effect, and the repeated effect can create visual interest. Pay attention to unity and contrast, and at the same time make efficient use of space to form a strong visual impact. The principle of showcase is applicable to the display of Focus products or new products. In particular, attention should be paid to the diverse and repeated effects in actual operation. For example, the same dress adopts different sampling methods, model display, and simultaneous application of positive hanging and matching methods to achieve outstanding key points, strengthen the image to the greatest extent.

The Display Cabinet uses the variety, style, color, fabric, characteristics, etc. of different commodities, and the display cabinet is themed with commodities. Through the comprehensive use of artistic techniques to display, the showcase highlights the characteristics and selling points of the goods to attract customers' attention, improve and strengthen customers' further understanding, memory and trust level of the goods, so as to maximize the desire to buy. This is the text positioning of the furnishings, and it is also the function of the furnishings to show consumers. As an important part of the marketing system, how to display goods well should start with the following points. Way of displaying goods: as clothing, furnishings are generally divided into stacking and hanging.

showcases emphasize overall coordination and stacking: Generally, they are folded through orderly clothing. The outline is prominent, and the goods are displayed on the running platform or the elevated platform. The advantage of this method is that it can effectively save limited space. The space of a store is limited. If all the products are displayed in the form of hanging, the space of the store is not enough.

only in this way can the characteristics of the goods be fully displayed. The display cabinet is usually hung with clothes hangers. The display cabinet is easy to form color visual impact and rendering atmosphere, so that consumers can know and understand the commodity at a glance. However, in limited stores, it is impossible to display too much in hanging clothes, usually hanging clothes with stacking clothes.

Generally speaking, the principle of display cabinet display is considered from the overall display. The display cabinets are displayed according to the color and the style. These must be determined according to the area of the store and the main style of the clothing. Each has its own advantages and each has its own lack, it depends on the specific situation. However, no matter what method is adopted, the following basic elements must be considered. The use of these principles in showcases will assist enterprises in arranging various series of products from an overall perspective and give the most prominent position to characteristic products. How to match different kinds of products and the collocation and disposal of colors, etc. , the only purpose of the overall display with concise display cabinet form and rich connotation is to promote the achievement of sales. Form attraction with focus the viewpoint that attracts attention first on every display surface is the focus. For example, the focus of the whole store is the image sign after the cashier. The focus of the showcase is usually above the visual line or the visual line. POP posters with strong color contrast or product combinations are often set as the focus, which can be guided in an orderly manner to guide consumers' attention, and play a certain role of echo and prompt. Therefore, in terms of terminal Image, clothing brands focus on shaping Image signs, which is an intuitive propaganda that can convey the brand's commodity information, promote sales and promote the brand. Rendering atmosphere with colors the use of colors plays a leading role in furnishings. The orderly color theme gives the whole store a distinct theme, with well-organized visual effects and strong impact. In the furnishings, color contrast settings are more used as the focus, display cabinets or create color gradient effects of goods furnishings, make customers feel excited, coordinated and layered when shopping, and easily lock the target goods. Create a visual effect

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